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First stop in Europe for thousands of intrepid travellers day after day, Frankfurt-am-Main (as it is officially known) is best-known for its position as the financial capital of the superpower that is Germany. True, this is where the European Central Bank is headquartered, and backing it up are another 325 financial institutions. But complimenting them is Europe's most spectacular skyline, a nightlife that refuses to take a break any night of the week, plus all those stereotypical things that we love about Germany like Frankfurter sausages and boisterous beer halls. Take the time to explore it, not just rest in it.

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Frankfurt City Reviews

  • 80%


    Well- preserved medieval buildings

    The main draw of Frankfurt are its charming medieval buildings at Romerberg. Easily walkable although people are a bit on the cold side.

  • 60%


    Not as boring as you thing

    I've only stayed for one night in the city but depsite its Euro-financial image it's a very interesting city. A walk by the river gives you a great view and the city combines modenr architecture with the more typical German style.

  • 60%


    Just a base

    Frankfurt is not the most interesting of German cities - there are lots of skyscrapers and not much more!! I didn't find it to be a particularly friendly place either but as I could not get accommodation is towns nearby I decided to use Frankfurt as a base and had day trips elsewhere.

    Insider Tip:Hostels are cheap so it is a good idea to stay in Frankfurt as a base and have day trips elsewhere like Heidleberg

  • 60%



    not too much to do here. If you're looking for a nice bar scene, head over across the river by the church, there's about a dozen plus bars. It was the perfect scene for when Germany won the world cup, it was a blast. There were riots everywhere.

  • 60%


    Frankfurt is boring

    Not that much to see in town, and what there is to see isn't that impressive. But the Modern Kunst museum is a really cool building, whether or not you're interested in the art there. And everything to see is within a 5 - 10 minute bike ride of everything else, so you can see it all in a day. And because I'm from Seattle I love that they have a Hammering Man sculpture here. And it's more international than most European cities.

    Insider Tip:Their bike-share system is easy to take advantage of. Not just use, but take advantage of.

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