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First stop in Europe for thousands of intrepid travellers day after day, Frankfurt-am-Main (as it is officially known) is best-known for its position as the financial capital of the superpower that is Germany. True, this is where the European Central Bank is headquartered, and backing it up are another 325 financial institutions. But complimenting them is Europe's most spectacular skyline, a nightlife that refuses to take a break any night of the week, plus all those stereotypical things that we love about Germany like Frankfurter sausages and boisterous beer halls. Take the time to explore it, not just rest in it.

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Frankfurt City Reviews

  • 60%


    Frankfurt is kind of an in between city for travellers because of the main train station and huge international airport, it's not a destination with a lot to offer apart from a huge financial district for business travellers as its basically the financial Capitol for Germany.

    Insider Tip:go to Berlin or Munich those cities have much more to offer

  • 60%


    Well worth a weekend

    I've been going to Frankfurt for years and actually lived there for 6 months. Now I go back a few times a year on quick visits. It's not an obvious tourist city but that has it's advantages. It's a very compact city but feels big and bustling because of the Sky Scrapers giving it the nickname Mainhattan. In terms of sightseeing you could do it all in 2 days but it's a nice city to just to explore and chill in. On the weekend the nightlife is very good and varied.

    Insider Tip:The best viewing of the skyline is on the top of Maintower but it costs money and there's often a line. However there a few other free spots to enjoy the skyline: In the city center at Hauptwache you can go up to top of the Zeilgallerie mall and there's a free viewing platform up there. If you want to stick around follow the walkway across the roof to the top of the Kaufhof department store. They have a rooftop cafetiria and balcony you can get a good value meal there or just some drinks and hang out.

  • 60%


    Mainhattan is better than you think

    Frankfurt gets an unfair reputation - that it's boring, ugly, business-only. Not at all. It has a beautiful Altstadt, more retro-renovation is ongoing, lively universities, and good parks with cultural events.

    Insider Tip:Go to the southern bank of the Main River on a hot day. You'll find all the locals there.

  • 40%



    Frankfurt has a lot of Museums to visit. Like any modern city, there are many places to eat and visit. I had a good time here. People here are pretty nice. I just happen to be here during a heatwave.

  • 90%


    The heart of Germany

    Frankfurt definitely offers something to everyone: Interesting museums, a huge variety of different cultures, an amazing view along the water. Just try it out and enjoy your time in one of the most interesting places of Germany.

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