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Enjoying a spectacular waterside setting, and home to one of the world's most famous skylines, Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant, dazzling, and electric (literally) cities in the world. Neon signs advertising everything from restaurants to foot massages decorate Kowloon islands' streets, while it is the skyscrapers that provide the sparkle after dark on Hong Kong Island. It's also one of the busiest places on earth with a population of 7 million people sharing a very small land mass.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what road in Kowloon has an abundance of restaurants.
  • Don't Miss The world's largest outdoor seated Buddha, the most famous peak in the city and more.
  • Retail Therapy Where the locals shop and what is the city's best-known market.
  • Budget Tips Discover when you can catch a free laser show every night.

Hong Kong City Reviews

  • 80%


    Hong Kong is the best place on Earth

    The only drawbacks are the hot weather in the summer and the high cost of living. Otherwise, it's the best. Just go and find out.

    Insider Tip:The first thing you should do is buy an Octopus card (八达通) - you can use this to pay for many things and is preferable to carrying around cash. Except for food and housing, prices on most things are negotiable so be prepared to haggle. I'd suggest taking the public buses around Kowloon and HK Island as a comfortable and inexpensive way to see the city (sit upstairs). Try to learn a few Cantonese phrases before going - this isn't really necessary, but people appreciate the effort.

  • 80%


    I'd Move Here In a Heartbeat

    I absolutely love love LOVE Hong Kong. Glitzy skyscrapers, jam-packed malls, giant panda statues, an escalator built into the side of a cliff... this town really has it all. There's beaches and jungles just a boat ride away, and the highest rooftop bar in the world at the Ritz. Cute temples where sticks tell your fortune and flamingo-decked parks exist alongside world-class restaurants and bars. Yes, it's expensive, but it really is amazing, and the perfect gateway into the Chinese mainland.

    Insider Tip:Get an Octopus card to use on the super-easy-to-use MTR as well as all buses. ALSO: the airport buses (and other buses for that matter) don't give any change, so make sure you have the exact money.

  • 80%


    Don't forget about Hong Kong!

    It's easy to get swept up in the mayhem and chaos of the Central district with its legendary Lan Kwai Fong, but don't forget the rest of Hong Kong! You miss out on some amazing city feats if all you plan to do is drink the night away. Venture outside the expat-comfort zone and eat the bizarre, revel at the art of skyscrapers, and get lost in thought around the gardens. There is plenty to do in HK and even more gems to find.

    Insider Tip:Get an Octopus card, don't be afraid to try new things and meet new people, and travel light in the warm season.

  • 80%


    Hong Kong, 3 months

    Its a city that has a lot. Big, many people but not as stressful as other big cities like New York City. You get by with english, and if you want some quiet, just take the MRT, buss or ferry 30-60 minutes and you are on a hike, or on a island completely away from the big city. You have good food from many countries in the world, good party places, many nice parks and of course shopping. So good city to visit.

    Insider Tip:Wooloomooloo roftop bar, view 62 has nice views. Wanna find good foodplaces, go to SOHO or look at openrice.hk Don't go to star of avenue when the light show is, I did not think its worth it go another time becuase the view is good.

  • 80%


    Hong Kong

    Good place to visit for a short stay, expecially Kowloon. The night, fish, flowers markets are interresting. I also enjoyed the Victoria peak walk (take the tram) The Hong Kong city was not so nice and interresting to visit.

    Insider Tip:You need to take the tram to go up to the Victoria peak. On the markets, you need to bargain the prices

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