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One of three capital cities, and home to over 10 million people, Johannesburg (or Joburg as the locals call it) is South Africa's largest city. In many ways it is also South Africa's most important city as it is the economic and industrial heart of this fascinating nation. It is a culture vulture's dream come true, with a vast number of intriguing museums. It is also one of a million stories, and as you walk the streets (yes, it is safe to do so in many areas) you know if they could speak they'd be able to tell a tale or two. In the evening there are a surprisingly high number of neighbourhoods to keep you occupied, each with a good selection of restaurants that are great value for money and bars too. And while you may have heard mixed reports about 'Joburg', many of which that were far from complimentary, take it from us - give this city a chance and you'll be glad you did.

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Johannesburg City Reviews

  • 50%



    What makes Joburg special is the whole history around Mandela, Soweto and the happenings during Apartheid. There are some really nice museums (Apardheid museum, Hector Pieterson Museum) that give tourists a huge insight and are very nicely done. But except for that there is not so much to see and as a solo-travelling-girl I sometimes felt quite uncomfortable after sunset.

    Insider Tip:The night market in Maboneng, Curiocity Backpackers (even if it is only for a drink at the bar

  • 60%



    I was only in Johannesburg and the outlining area for one day, I could not give an accurate detail of the city, therefore my results are going to be average without any further insight.

    Insider Tip:I was only in Johannesburg and the outlining area for one day, I could not give anyone any insider tips about the city.

  • 60%


    Good museum, good comedy scene but dangerous.

    Kitchener's is a good place to go and hang out with people. 7th Avenue Melville - another cool place.

    Insider Tip:Kitchener's Bar.

  • 100%


    MoAfrika booked a Soweto Night Tour for me

    Whilst at MoAfrika I went on a Soweto night tour. It was so nice. I hanged out with the locals at the different places we went to. I met some nice people.

    Insider Tip:Don't do this alone

  • 100%


    What a breath taking experience

    I booked a Johannesburg Tour with Moafrika Tours. It was a real experience seeing the Local Township Soweto. And also i went to the apartheid museum. Gaining the knowledge of their history is helped me understand South Africa better.

    Insider Tip:Make sure that you go with a registered tour guide when going into Johannesburg.

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