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Remarkably unscathed during both World Wars, and extremely pleasing on the eye, it's no wonder that Krakow is Poland's most visited city. The Polish capital until 1596, the cobbled squares, churches and mosques, and gothic architecture are what draw thousands of visitors year after year. Krakow also boasts countless jazz clubs, whetting the appetite of live music lovers from both home and abroad.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Krakow.
  • Budget Tips Insider tips on how to save money or what to do when you don't have any!
  • A day in Krakow... Only have one day to spare? We give you our ultimate day in Krakow.

Krakow City Reviews

  • 80%


    Krakow, Poland

    Really enjoyed Krakow, Poland and this is definitely a destination that I would recommend to others. The city offers more than just a good night out. There is lots to see and do with plenty of available day trips to destinations around Krakow. Very good value for money.

    Insider Tip:Greg & Toms Party Hostel - Ideal for party goers looking to have a good time in Krakow.

  • 100%


    Poland's Old Capital

    Krakow is an amazing city. The well-preserved old town has about a million restaurants ranging from tourist traps to dirt cheap. There are countless attractions to see and you cannot go wrong by heading here.

    Insider Tip:Do not talk to touts, especially the ladies with the pink umbrellas. They are serious trouble. Krakow has several clubs that overcharge drinks. These place are by far in the minority and the ones that do this are notorious so do some research (Hint: Avoid Hard Candy and whatever club the umbrella women advertise).

  • 100%


    Fantastic city!

    Such a beautiful city rich with culture and history There's plenty to do for a week with trips in the surrounding area as well. With 200000 students, the nightlife over the whole city is fantastic. The atmosphere is great both around the central market square and also the Jewish Quarter where here are heaps of bars to choose from.

    Insider Tip:Cracow free walking tours were amazing. The guide was so engaging and knowledgable.

  • 80%


    Old town of Krakow

    We were visiting Krakow for just one half of a day and we were nicely surprised. Small and managable old town, very nice, cosy. A lot of pubs and restaurants as it is a student town (we were told that it has over 180.000 students = aprox. 20%).

    Insider Tip:Take Free Walking Tour (tips based), you will get a great overview of the old town. They are very informative and offer several different tours (http://freewalkingtour.com/). We realy liked it.

  • 90%


    Vibrant and exciting

    Krakow is perfect for a week away but perhaps not any longer. The city has lots happening, and can cater for both cultural days out as well as sunbathing by the pool. It's not a huge city, so filling more than seven days might be tricky. Everything is insanely cheap - you won't need more than £300 spending money for a week (works out to roughly 1500 PLN).

    Insider Tip:The Harris Piano Jazz Bar in the market square is a real treat - check out for their free jam session evenings. They have a brilliant range of cocktails and mocktails, and the music is always brilliant. Some nights have an entry fee, but never too expensive. The Sioux bar and grill does amazing meat platters for hardly any cost at all. The Jewish Quarter is brilliant - well worth visiting for a day or two. For a spot of sunbathing, check out the Clepardia outdoor swimming pool - a short taxi ride away.

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