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Covering over 600 square miles, London is by far Europe's largest city. But don't let this put you off - many of its most famous landmarks are within walking distance of each other. From Big Ben and Westminster Abbey you can wander the streets only to find yourself at the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus. The English capital is also perfect for those who enjoy living life at a fast pace. With 47% of the city's population between the age of 16 and 44, there are fewer places on the planet with as much energy as London.

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  • Cheap Eats Where's good for 'sausage and mash' and other traditional favourites.
  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of the English capital's coolest areas.
  • Budget Tips Ways to save money, what's to do for free and more.
  • A Day in London... We give you our ideal day, complete with a trip up the London Eye and an evening in the West End.

London City Reviews

  • 90%



    From what I experienced in my week in London, I loved it. The buildings, the people, the history, it's all an incredible melding pot of culture and liveliness. I would definitely recommend going to Westminster Abbey; as a history buff, it was my favorite experience during my visit. Also, check out the British Museum, the Tower of London, the National Gallery, the Imperial War Museum, the London Eye, some classic British Pub life, and of course, places like Piccadilly Square and Big Ben.

    Insider Tip:If you are converting USD to the British Pound, be strategic of how and when you choose to convert/spend your money because the British Pound is worth more than the USD so it can get pricey quick.

  • 80%


    Never Boring London

    London is one of my favorite cities in the world and I would go back there at any opportunity I'd be given. There's always new things going on and it's a fun place to visit, no matter how picky you may be when it comes to weather, as there are always great indoor and outdoor activities for you to take part in.

    Insider Tip:London can be (and it is) expensive but if you don't want to spend all your budget on food do avoid eating near touristy areas try one of the delightful (and plenty) ethnical restaurants. This time specifically I tried Café Romano near Russell Square tube station, great eats, breakfast all day plus a range of other dishes, packed with locals during meal hours, which is always a good sign. Good prices and great meals.

  • 40%


    Just One Day of Rain!

    London is a wonderful city that's lively with local suits and tourist families during the day, and lively with partiers at night. There is always something going on. The tube system is very simple to understand and is excellent at helping one travel throughout downtown London. The shame is it does get a bit expensive. There are plenty of historic things to visit during the day - but only go if that's your thing - and beautiful sights at night along the Thames.

    Insider Tip:Bring an umbrella! Visit the Millenium Bridge at night. If you're looking for something to do that's not historic, try out the Ripley museum at Piccadilly Circus. It's open till midnight! For the tube, staff told us we should buy an Oyster Card for our four day stay. You put money into the card and refill it if you need more. It does not provide any discount!! But it does save time. And you get whatever money you don't use back!

  • 50%


    Like other major cities...

    It was too hot for most of my stay (1 month). Gotta try to visit again at a better time of year. And what CAN'T you do in London? You will never be bored, though you might be broke.

    Insider Tip:Buy souvenirs last unless you feel you won't find the item anywhere else (trust me, you will) and don't plan on going back. Book train and coach travel on the day you want to travel because if something changes, refunds are next to impossible. When leaving the UK, if you bought an Oyster card for use on public transport and you want the deposit back (I think £5), claim it in a London station and not outside of London.

  • 60%



    London has lots of things to do - in an 'international city' like this it has one of whatever you want to do.

    Insider Tip:Maybe go on a walking tour - I found them very fun and learned a lot of things like history. I went on the jack the ripper tour with http://freelondonwalkingtours.com/ and it was very interesting x

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