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One of the first things you notice when you walk around Paris is this: the French capital is just as you imagine it. Parisians lounge outside cafés drinking coffee, budding artists sketch whatever passes them into their sketch pads, and everywhere you look is another building which causes an immediate reaction to grab for your camera. Some of the world's best museums can be found here, the list of instantly recognisable landmarks is a lengthy one, and the nightlife is electric to say the least. But one of the French capital's best attributes is that when you want to do nothing but sit back and relax, it's hard to think of a better city in the world to people watch.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Paris.
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Paris City Reviews

  • 90%


    Twe weeks in Paris

    We enjoyed our stay in Paris. We saw the major tourist attractions, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay, Sacred Coeur Basilica, Champs-Elysees, Notre Dame, Sainte - Chapelle, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles and about a million cafés. After seeing and enjoying them, we think we had the Paris experience and would not have to go back... Having said that, we did really enjoy experiencing the city.

    Insider Tip:DO NOT rent a car in Paris. If you are doing a trip out of Paris in a rental, take transit out of the city to rent. Trying to drive through the city centre reminded me of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

  • 70%


    Beautiful city - however be careful of pickpockets!!!

    Tourist attractions were amazing, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Love Lock Bridge etc however they were slightly ruined by people trying to sell you souveniers (almost to a point you felt uncomfortable). BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT. I almost had my purse stolen when I was coming up on the escalator, however the girl was not quick enough before I turned around. Public transport was an excellent way to get around. Very expensive - prices more than London. Food was great.

    Insider Tip:Make sure you research where your hotel will be in Paris, as we booked at the last minute without reading the reviews and ended staying in the most dangerous places in Paris (Saint-Denis), luckily however nothing happened to us while we were there.

  • 90%


    Amazing City with Good Food and Unparalleled Culture!

    One of my favorite cities in the world, Paris has everything going for it. Great food pretty much everywhere and lots of shopping. Make sure to check out Le Vallee outlets a stop away from Disneyland. All the main tourist spots are also worth going to, especially the Eiffel Tower which looks better in person!

    Insider Tip:Use the city bikes provided all around the city - cheaper and faster to get to places enjoying the streets of Paris!

  • 70%


    Beware of Pick pocketers !!!

    Paris is truly overated with crowded tourists all over the place and theives and robbers crawling the alleys with hardly any cops around. Its a total rip off if you are alone or even a bunch of three at certain places, especially around Pigalle area. I would recommend to travel in a group at night after 10PM. And be careful in the Metro Station especially when the train doors open/close!!!

    Insider Tip:Never Travel Alone at night...it aint Scotland !!!

  • 60%


    Beautiful city, difficult people.

    Parisians hate tourists. And they like to show that. They wont try to understand any other language except for french.

    Insider Tip:Its a beautiful city! Just try not to be let down by the people and explore!

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