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One of the first things you notice when you walk around Paris is this: the French capital is just as you imagine it. Parisians lounge outside cafés drinking coffee, budding artists sketch whatever passes them into their sketch pads, and everywhere you look is another building which causes an immediate reaction to grab for your camera. Some of the world's best museums can be found here, the list of instantly recognisable landmarks is a lengthy one, and the nightlife is electric to say the least. But one of the French capital's best attributes is that when you want to do nothing but sit back and relax, it's hard to think of a better city in the world to people watch.

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Paris City Reviews

  • 90%



    Pretty expensive city but worth every penny. Paris is magical with a lot of things to do and to see. The Louvre, la Tour Eiffel... les macarons.. tout! However, be careful.. it isnt pretty safe so... watch out!

  • 80%


    Very touristy, pricey, and packed but must-see nevertheless.

    Paris is a whirlwind and hogepodge of different cuisines, music traditions, cultures and artistic elements. You'll see shwarma places all over. Cafes, brasseries, and small boulangeries/patisseries are literally on every single street with few exceptions. I loved the city for its ability to exploit its own stereotypes (think crepes, scarves, wine picnics, fashion) and yet offer me a modern French city full of diversity and problems. I'd go back at least once more.

    Insider Tip:Hit the petit grec (look it up on trip advisor) the portions are unfinishable and well-worth the wait in terms of packed flavour and quality of ingredients. These guys don't mess about. Also, if you're there a friday, sat, or sun (or stat. holiday) and 25 or under pick up a day pass for about 3 euros and change. Trust me. As per the eiffel tower, go later in the evening just before sun down and walk up the stairs (4 euros) you can come back down the elevator. It's a good workout and it's manageable.

  • 80%


    Paris is worthy

    I've been to countless cities in the U.S. and a few others internationally and I think Paris is the best of the bunch. There's so much to see and do, and there's beauty at every turn. It's a pretty clean city as well, and the Metro is easy. Don't be initimiated by the large train stations; people will help guide you. My favorites are the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe. I absolutely love the cobblestone streets and alleys around St. Michel and Montmartre, and the city parks are excellent.

    Insider Tip:Try to plan at least 5 hours to tour the Louvre and make sure you get a map before going so you can plan your route. The best food opportunities are on the first floor.

  • 70%


    Amazing history

    The city of Paris is awesome in terms of its historical attractions, however as a youngish woman, I constantly felt threatened on the streets with men always groping and making inappropriate comments.

  • 90%


    You'll fall in love with the city of love

    I loved Paris. The city is beautiful and there are lots of things to do (plenty free if you're a student!!). The metro is easy to figure out but it's also great to walk everywhere when the weather is good! The nightlife is good as well.

    Insider Tip:I took lots of walking tours to get to know the city and learn some more information about the city. It was a great decision! Make sure you hit up the Moulin Rouge neighborhood! Save money by buying lunch/dinners and eating in the parks (bread and wine are so cheap)!

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