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One of the first things you notice when you walk around Paris is this: the French capital is just as you imagine it. Parisians lounge outside cafés drinking coffee, budding artists sketch whatever passes them into their sketch pads, and everywhere you look is another building which causes an immediate reaction to grab for your camera. Some of the world's best museums can be found here, the list of instantly recognisable landmarks is a lengthy one, and the nightlife is electric to say the least. But one of the French capital's best attributes is that when you want to do nothing but sit back and relax, it's hard to think of a better city in the world to people watch.

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Paris City Reviews

  • 70%


    A weekend in Paris

    Paris was as I expected but a bit colder. It was expensive but manageable for a short trip. When I used good manners and French, the people were kind and hospitable; they just want you to try. However, beware scammers. Within the first 3 hours of our trip we were hassled 5 times-- once having men grab us and tie "free" "friendship" bracelets on us before we could protest, and then demanding a "donation." Another two women hassled us for money and then became hostile when we refused.

    Insider Tip:Learn basic French. And if someone asks if you speak English say "no" in another language. English makes you a mark and we resorted to speaking Spanish together in public. Also, buy a metro pass for however many days you are in Paris! Zones 1-3 should do it.

  • 90%


    Cold and windy in February - but very welcoming and cultured

    A sober, beautiful, very European and very diverse city, absolutely stunning during the fall (I visited in October 2006), spring and summer, and quite windy, rainy and cold during winter - this time, we travelled in February 2015. Must be visited at least once. Do that! Might be expensive for someone visiting from elsewhere than the proverbial first world.

    Insider Tip:Think twice before buying a museum or metro/bus pass during winter: while the opportunities they provide are excellent, you will hardly have the time in the 2, 3, 4 or 5 days chosen, to visit everything on the menu. Buying 10 tickets for the metro (or twice that) may be enough for a 5 or 6-day trip, and individual tickets for sights and museums are available on the museums' websites. Louvre will take more than a day. So will le Musee du Quai Branly or my favorite Centre Pompidou. Enjoy!

  • 70%


    Paris is a wonderful city, but only if you haven't set lofty expectations beforehand! Be sure to visit the obvious destinations - the Lourve, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, but there are plenty more things to see, and a potential day trip to Versaille.

  • 100%


    City of Love and Amazing Sights

    I love Paris. I've been seven times in seven years. There is no way you can hate this place. The people are no where near as cold as they are said to be. They are awesome. They love their city and it's easy to see why. The food is great, the wine is amazing, the sights are accessible and the metro makes life so easy. Drink wine at the Seine, visit the varied areas of the cities and just take in the atmosphere.

    Insider Tip:Go to Pont Neuf and sit right at the edge of the island (same one as Notre Dame) and look towards the Eiffel Tour under the tree. It's amazing.

  • 90%


    Well of course I'll recommend to anyone to go to Paris, the city of light, love, fashion and art. Seriously its awesome if you havent gone yet you must go! Its a must in your lifetime, it has everything. Its a little more expensive than any other average city but its worth it, some of the best museums in the world are in paris, so many things to do, you can never have enough of paris

    Insider Tip:If you go in winter its really cold and some days are rainy so bring the right clothes & I wouldnt reommend to be in the eiffel tower on new years eve its really really crowded and you're just standing there frezzing some hours and if you're planning to go back to your hostel by train or subway its going to take you like 2 hours and its not the big thing just some fire works like 5 small ones and they light up the eiffel tower like every night better go to a nice place to dinner or a nightclub

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