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There aren't many cities in the world like Roma. No matter which way you turn you set your eyes on imposing monuments, dramatic statues or lavish fountains. Walking around the streets today it is easy to envisage what it would've been like centuries ago when crowds thronged to the Colossuem, Caesar's foot soldiers paroled the streets and everyone was decked in sandals. Once darkness falls it isn't as lively as some other European cities, but if you don't find a bar which gets your pulse racing don't worry - the city looks twice as breathtaking at night.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Rome.
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  • A day in Rome... Only have one day to spare? We give you our ultimate day in Rome.

Rome City Reviews

  • 100%


    My Home Away From Home

    There is not enough to say about this city. The fruits of Campo di Fiori, the thundering waters of Trevi, eating gelato while walking around Piazza Navona, and free Vatican museum entry on the last Sunday of the month---there are too many wonderful things to do.

    Insider Tip:Go to the Jewish ghetto for 'brunciato pizze' and the best schwarmas and falafels of your life. Never actually validate your tram/bus ticket because it will never be checked. Hit up aperitivos in Trastevere for the best deal for dinner.

  • 60%



    Rome is by far my least favorite city I have travelled to. It smells like urine on every street, the people are constantly looking to sell you stuff and also some are looking to rip you off. Public transport was standard - nothing great. The food selection is strictly Italian and McDonald's. Way too touristy but I can also attribute that to it being summer. That being said, the buildings and history is extremely cool and worth seeing.

    Insider Tip:Hit the Colosseum mid-day and if there is a massive line, go do something else (Forum is just across the way), and come back, it will die down. Don't buy any of the stuff people are relentlessly trying to sell you. And avoid sketchy people who try and invite you into their restaurants, they typically sense you're a tourist and price gouge you for absurdities like a plate of bread (which was brought to the table not at my request, then charged me 3 euros).

  • 90%


    Rome made easy

    Rome was my favorite city in Italy because there is so much to do that you are never bored. Plus, the place I stayed was perfect. From Rome, you can make a day trip to many other important places too (like Pompeii)! The hospitality here is so good and I will return as soon as possible. Families, couples, friends, or solo trips are all ready for an experience of a lifetime. The metro is overcrowded and there are creepy people who purposely molest you so be careful of your body and belongs.

    Insider Tip:Book your visit to the Vatican Museum in advance. To get into St. Peter's, arrive a little before it opens so that the line isn't as long or take a chance and go really late (30mins before it closes). Buy your ticket to see the Collosseum at the Roman Forum to save time spent in line. Go on a free walking tour to see all the great places and learn a little! Eat Roman pizza and homemade gelato often. It rains often but just in quick, random bursts. It is a good idea to have an umbrella in your bag just in ca

  • 80%



    Wasn't expecting much from Rome, but definitively it's a very impressive city. Very cultural, very historical.

  • 80%


    A week in Rome

    Rome was fantastic seen all the major sights visited Pompeii one day & a day trip to a pair of villas one of which was Hadrian's. There is plenty to see in Rome for for more than a week however. Also when visiting the Vatican if you would like to avoid queues simply go to a nearby ticket office and ask when the next tour is in English (or whatever language you need) this while expensive skips the queue for Sistine Chapel which has a back door 2 St.Peters for tours, avoiding the queue for St.P

    Insider Tip:-Do go to the palatine hill / forum and buy a pass for Colosseum/palatine hill/forum as opposed to queuing at the Colosseum if you already have the ticket you can simply waltz passed the long line. -Avoid the men dressed as ancient Roman soldiers there are not official employees they are simply men who get photos taken with families and mainly children then proceed to charge a small fortune -Use the metro it was 1.50 euros for 100 minutes ticket while I was there While visiting the vatica

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