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There aren't many cities in the world like Roma. No matter which way you turn you set your eyes on imposing monuments, dramatic statues or lavish fountains. Walking around the streets today it is easy to envisage what it would've been like centuries ago when crowds thronged to the Colossuem, Caesar's foot soldiers paroled the streets and everyone was decked in sandals. Once darkness falls it isn't as lively as some other European cities, but if you don't find a bar which gets your pulse racing don't worry - the city looks twice as breathtaking at night.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Rome.
  • Budget Tips Insider tips on how to save money or what to do when you don't have any!
  • A day in Rome... Only have one day to spare? We give you our ultimate day in Rome.

Rome City Reviews

  • 40%


    Rich in history and churches, just this.

    Rome is good for see museums and churches, but I don't liked....The streets are dirty, the traffic of cars are confused, the city has plenty tourism, very full and is very disorganized.

  • 50%



    Guys go to Rome only with your girlfriends..It doesn't deserve for fun!.. There are not nightclubs and bars like the other cities in Europe. The food is not good,unfortunately... Go only for shopping and monuments....nothing else..!! And important..Be careful,Italian are thieves,don't speak English and live to their world..:)

  • 80%



    Wonderful city to explore with the possibility for use a 'hub' to do day trips to places like cinca terra and pompeii. Basically a must see in Italy. It did have the highest city tax of the places I stayed at in Italy, with a charge of 3.50 Euro per night (this is not included in accomodation costs!). Only takes 1 hour to walk from one side of the city centre to the other although it's not flat terrain in most cases.

    Insider Tip:If you're going to the Vatican museum PREORDER YOUR TICKETS ONLINE so you can 'skip the line' (The 2 1/2 hour wait is not worth it). Not an issue at the Colosseum (just get your ticket at the roman forum first - only 10 minute line) Easy enough to walk everywhere though affordable metro (1.50 Euro) Meals can be expensive particularly being that menus are structured in a 'starter, first course, second course, side dishes etc. manner with no overlap (ie.ordering a steak is ONLY a steak) preresearch is usef

  • 20%


    Stay Away

    While it would be cool to see Ancient Rome, it would be better to not have to worry about stepping in poop or urine when you are walking around. The people of Rome do not seem to care one bit about there City. We say people peeing in the street, and poop on the sidewalks. The city smells like garbage and urine in most areas and lets be honest, the Italian food was better in Germany.

    Insider Tip:If Ancient Rome is something you must see, stay somewhere else and do a day trip to Rome. I surely will never go back.

  • 70%


    Rome, expensive but worth it.

    Rome is great, but expect to pay big bucks and expect crowds. If possible avoid. The summer and cross the river to get away from the tourists.

    Insider Tip:Avoid 2014 and 2015. They are renovating most monuments and all you see is scaffolding!

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