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From Mozart to the Sound of Music, Salzburg is a musical city surrounded by a stunning backdrop of green hills. The Old Town is filled with treasures, both in terms of places to visit and well-preserved architecture. Combining its long heritage with a vibrant nightlife, Salzburg is also home to a huge number of restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs and live music venues. On top of that, the people of Salzburg are an extremely friendly lot.

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  • Cheap Eats Get great tips on where to eat in Salzburg, along with what local specialities to try out.
  • Don't Miss Whether it's taking the Sound of Music tour or visiting the Hohensalzburg Fortress, you'll find plenty to do in Salzburg.
  • Budget Tips Check out our great tips on how to save some cash during your visit to this Austrian city.
  • A Day in Salzburg... Learn how we spent the ultimate day in Mozart's home town

Salzburg City Reviews

  • 60%


    Salzburg in a day and half

    Great city, perfect for a day and half when traveling on a budget and in the middle of January. Been in the summer and could stay for several days. Great old city.

  • 60%



    Salzburg is lovely. Not quite the big bustling city, but still had lots of shops and cute places to eat. I would recommend not going when I did - early December. It wasn't at it's best and the trick fountains and such were shut down because it was just too cold.

    Insider Tip:Look into the Salzburg card. If you go to even a couple of the museums it's worth it.

  • 70%


    Beautiful city with beautiful people

    This city is very laid back and romantic city away from hustles and bustles of the main city. Every single person is beautiful and handsome not only by their looks but by the nature as well. Every one has got music talents I swear-you just need to hear to them.

    Insider Tip:You have to try their local cuisine(beef goulash and local beer) by visiting the street side restaurants. The food and the beer is just too good not to miss.

  • 100%


    Paradise in Salzburg

    Salzburg is my favorite place in Europe. In the world, really. I intended to stay for just a couple of nights, but ended up staying for nearly a week. This city is enchanting and mystical. As you explore the small cobblestoned streets, the fortress is always above, looking stately and grand as ever. I highly recommend taking a Sound of Music tour, and getting up to see either the Eagles Nest or the world's largest ice caves!! Both are unforgettable experiences. This city changed me :-)

    Insider Tip:Even if you don't like modern art, go up to where the modern art building is (it looks kind of like a small castle, on a hill to the right of the fortress). From atop this hill, you can get great pictures of the city of Salzburg, the beautiful cathedrals AND the fortress, all in one shot!! I also highly recommend taking tours. There is a lot to see in the city, but also a lot around it!! The ice caves are absolutely amazing!

  • 90%


    Salzburg was relaxing

    The wait for any place to check out is very short and sweet. Getting lost in this city is very difficult.

    Insider Tip:There are a couple of great attractions that are closed on Tuesday. I forgot the names. I think one of them is called the Residence, so heads up.

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