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Beautiful beaches are the hallmark of San Sebastian, a hidden gem in the Basque region of Northern Spain. Divided into a number of unique neighbourhoods including Gros, Centro and Amara Viejo, San Sebastian also has an old town area known as Parte Vieja. Thanks to its natural charm, delicious cuisine and extensive collection of curiosities, San Sebastian can't help but capture the imagination.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out where to get the best 'pintxos', which are like tapas and are San Sebastian's local speciality.
  • Don't Miss Here you'll learn about San Sebastian's popular surfing beach, the city's top-notch Aquarium and lots more.
  • San Sebastian for Free The Peine De Los Vientos sculptures are just one of the great free attractions that you'll learn about here.
  • A Day in San Sebastian... Read about how we spent the perfect day wandering around this city in the Basque Country

San Sebastian City Reviews

  • 70%


    Beautiful and Relaxing

    San Sebastian is totally worth the hassle of getting there. The city is beautiful and everyone is super nice. If you are feeling stressed, pack your bag and go!

    Insider Tip:Eat pinxtos and relax.

  • 80%


    We LOVED our stay in Donostia! The beach is gorgeous and the water is warm and pleasant for swimming, unlike a lot of other beaches we visited in northern Spain. We were there (unwittingly) on August 31, for the 200th anniversary of the city's liberation from French, Portuguese, and English forces, and so we got to see a ton of awesome reenactments, traditional clothes, traditional dancing, and traditional music. The city is a mix of tourists, natives, and hippies.

    Insider Tip:Keep in mind when you're here that you're not REALLY in Spain - you're in Euskal Herria. Look for Spanish second on descriptions, and English as a distant fourth. Make sure to go to Bar Goiz-Argi and get "gambas," shrimp on a stick with yummy sauce. Tartaletta de txangurro (crab on bread) is also delicious.

  • 80%


    More than meets the eye

    I initially went to San Sebastián to relax but quickly found myself in a city that really knows how to party. The beaches were really nice. The food is top notch and there are some great hikes as well. Everyone said it was very expensive but I did not find that to be the case at all. You may be tempted to spend a lot of money on food but as with everything, there are plenty of good cheaper alternatives (pinxtos).

    Insider Tip:Definitely hike up the some of the lookout points. If your younger i would suggest the surfers beach (even if you dont surf) over the bigger one as there are less families. Some of the best pinxtos are actually not on the menu and made fresh so ask the person behind the counter if they have any specialties or recommendations.

  • 90%


    San Sebastián - Surfer's life

    I loved San Seb. It's a bit more expensive than some other places in Spain, but it's right on the beach and weather can be great during the summer. I felt really safe there too. Food is EVERYWHERE. It's a big part of their culture. A bit touristy but not nearly as bad as places like Barcelona or Paris.

    Insider Tip:Bar Martinez for the Pimento Relleno (fresco/ask for it fresh) Take a bike ride around the city, but beware of getting lost - we ended up cycling through some pretty rough hills Street signs are hard to find, but get a map and you're good Old Town is beautiful and the beaches are relaxing

  • 90%


    San Sebastian

    Me and my friend did a tour of Spain and San Sebastian was the place that I liked the most beside Madrid. We stayed there for two days and a half. The weather was bad (rain and between 13-17°C) except for the last day but the city was beautiful even in the rain. The food is fantastic and you can smell the ocean from the moment you step of the train. The whole city is very clean and people are extremely friendly.

    Insider Tip:We wanted to go on the Igeldo hill the first day but decided to wait till the next day since it was raining which was a big mistake. The next day the rain was even heavier and the whole hill was in fog. So if you want to visit it dont wait for better weather.

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