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Beautiful beaches are the hallmark of San Sebastian, a hidden gem in the Basque region of Northern Spain. Divided into a number of unique neighbourhoods including Gros, Centro and Amara Viejo, San Sebastian also has an old town area known as Parte Vieja. Thanks to its natural charm, delicious cuisine and extensive collection of curiosities, San Sebastian can't help but capture the imagination.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out where to get the best 'pintxos', which are like tapas and are San Sebastian's local speciality.
  • Don't Miss Here you'll learn about San Sebastian's popular surfing beach, the city's top-notch Aquarium and lots more.
  • San Sebastian for Free The Peine De Los Vientos sculptures are just one of the great free attractions that you'll learn about here.
  • A Day in San Sebastian... Read about how we spent the perfect day wandering around this city in the Basque Country

San Sebastian City Reviews

  • 90%


    A great place to enjoy the beach and the local food

    San Sebastian was one of the best cities for me in Spain. You can go to one of the beaches in the morning, which are very clean and are a great place to swim or surf. In the evening, you can enjoy the amazing food in one of the Pitxo bars in the old town and go partying till the early hours of the night.

    Insider Tip:Go to the beach in the early morning when the beach is not too busy while the locals are at work.

  • 80%


    Museums & Arts

    This city I found to be incredibly boring. It is beautiful, however the main things to see include museums and art museums, which I have no interest in. There are many beautiful squares to relax in and seeing Madrid for a day or so is definitely worth it. I don't recommend long stays to those who are not museum types.

  • 90%


    San Sebastian - Best city in Spain?

    I've traveled all over Spain and I've talked to many travelers. When the subject of San Sebastian comes up, I usually hear, "I have not gone, but I heard it's amazing." I have gone and I have experienced that it is amazing. Great climate, sunny but not really that hot as it is on the northern coast. City is very walkable, you don't need the bus for anything. A good variety of locations, from beach to mountains, all of which are walkable. Also, the Pintxos/tapas. Best in the world.

    Insider Tip:-A good place to try out Basque Pintxos is Rojo y Negro. It's not touristy, but they're patient with people who are new to it. The food is great too. -If you're looking for a quiet spot to read, try hiking around the mountain with the big Jesus statue. You'll find a place. -The city can be expensive, but if you play your cards right, you can get by eating Pintxos for most meals for decent prices. Just order one at a time and gauge the place's price. If it's too expensive, eat it and move on.

  • 80%


    Beautiful coastal city with GREAT FOOD and busy party life in the old town.

    Very good food, you can't go wrong eating pinchos everywhere. All the food is amazing. The hype is real!

    Insider Tip:Make sure you walk up the mountain to the castle...great viewpoints of the city there.

  • 80%


    San Sebastian

    San Sebastian is one of the best cities I have travelled to. First, go online and look for the pintxo pasaporte information. You don't need to do the actual tour, just write down the suggestions and do it yourself. Second, go to juantxo for sandwiches. Cheap and delicious, I recommend either the omelette (tortilla) with mushrooms or crab. Third, on Thursday night is Pintxo Pote, where several area bars offer a drink and pintxo for around 2€. Fourth, go sit at cafe de la concha and enjoy the view

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