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A city, island and country, Singapore is known for many different things. Some consider it the most important financial centre in South-East Asia, while others think of it as a sterile city where everything runs like clockwork. Both these assumptions aren't that far away from the truth. This may not paint the most colourful picture in the world though. But don't fret - there is a lot to see. Singapore has a beach to bask in, stores to shop in, sights to snap at, and some of Asia's most fascinating neighbourhoods.

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  • Cheap Eats Discover that the best places to eat in Singapore are 'hawker centres'.
  • Don't Miss Night time safaris, famous hotels and much more.
  • Neighbourhood Watch Discover what are Singapore's most interesting neighbourhoods, including Little India and Chinatown.
  • Budget Tips The best things to do for free in Singapore.

Singapore City Reviews

  • 60%


    Be prepared for the heat - Singapore is hot and humid. It's an average of 32 degrees celsius 365 days of the year. Singapore is a very safe and clean city, and the people are very respectful. However, there's not too much to do. Probably don't need more than a day or two here. Also, if you're going to other beachy places (Phuket, Kota Kinabalu, etc), don't go to Sentosa. You will be disappointed.

    Insider Tip:Alcohol and cigarettes are extremely expensive here! Buy duty free in the airport upon arrival. Note that if you're arriving by land, duty restrictions are much more heavily enforced and you're only allowed to have one pack of cigarettes - they will confiscate the rest.

  • 80%


    Singapore amazing

    Singapore is a great city, very new interesting, the cleanest one in the world and you can meet nice people around the world.

  • 80%


    Singapore: It's Rad

    Singapore is expensive but a good place for some clean, safe fun. Feels like the west with an Asian accent.

    Insider Tip:Use the metro, it's easy and pretty cheap. Dont buy the tourist pass though, just figure out how to get the regular one when you get off the plane. It''s easy, just make sure you go to the ticket counter instead of the machine, I seem to remember something about needing to go to the counter after scratching my head at the machine for 5 minutes, probably annoying the peeps behind me.

  • 70%


    Expensive city, not a ton to do

    The city was beautiful and clean but very crowded and expensive. There is not a ton to do, especially on a back packers budget and even 2 and a half days was a little too much.

    Insider Tip:its hot! and rains randomly! dress for the crazy weather. Try some crazy street food at a hawkers market (they are everywhere) really good ones in little india, china town and geylang. they are inexpensive and you have fresh and interesting food. great transport but it only goes till around midnight! can buy a 1,2 or 3 day pass..totally worth it.

  • 80%


    Amazing city

    Singapore is an amazing city - worth the stopover, or even stay for a few days. I stayed for 4 nights, and I was constantly amazed. It's a beautiful city, although it can be expensive but if you're money-smart, you'll be able to do Singapore on a budget. Public transport here is amazing - no need to hire a car nor a taxi when you're visiting. It's a safe city - you won't feel out of sorts when you're here.

    Insider Tip:Get the ferry from Clarke Quay, and cruise around Singapore. Fantastic sights and photography opportunities. It can get quite humid, and tends to rain at times every day, so be sure to have an umbrella or raincoat on you at all times - you don't want to get soaked wet when you're expecting it the least!

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