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It's hard to think of a city as fascinating as Tokyo. And calling it a 'city' doesn't do it justice. This is a metropolis that encompasses a collection of mini-cities, each with their own intriguing attributes. You have the bright lights of Shibuya, the eclectic people of Harajuku, the electronic gadgets of Akihabara, the hedonism of Roppongi, and the craziness of Shinjuku. This is one of the world's great cities with more to offer than most places. And while some parts may not suit everyone's taste, there isn't an area that will fail to excite you.

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  • After Dark The best bars in the Japanese capital.
  • Don't Miss Find out one of three times a year that you can catch sumo wrestling in the home of the sport.
  • Neighbourhood Watch In Tokyo, the neighbourhoods are the star attractions. Find out which ones are worth visiting.
  • Budget Tips How to save money in a city that is known for being expensive.

Tokyo City Reviews

  • 70%


    Tokyo by vegetarian

    Tokyo is a very interesting place to have a trip, but it's kinda expensive all the time. The transportation, food and sightseeing places, always get a lot of yout money. For vegetarians it's kinda too difficult, since everything has some piece of fish or any animal. So please, come to Japan with this in mind.

    Insider Tip:For vegetarians the food options are not so many, but you can usually ask food without meat "niku to ebi to sakana nashi de onegaishimasu" it means "make it without meat, fish or shrimp please"

  • 100%



    Definitely my new favourite city! So much for a visitor to do there, if you're a keen explorer this is the city for you, every train station is like a new city each with a different purpose. Ginza for the shopping, Akihabara for all your gadget needs, Shibuya for the nightlife and everything else in between. If you're a typical tourist there are lots of attractions including the famous Shibuya crossing, Odaiba (the man made island), the robot restaurant and plenty more!

    Insider Tip:Get a Pasmo or Suica card for the trains (both do the same thing), these allow you to load cash on them to use on any train in Tokyo (and many other Japanese cities for that matter) regardless of the line. This saves you from having to buy an individual ticket each time you ride the train which will be a lot!

  • 100%



    As the city capital it has a lot to see and do, my only regret is that I went to Hakkone instead of Kamikakuri on my spare and Hakkone outside the open museum felt like a tourist trap.

    Insider Tip:if you plan to travel a lot buy the subway daily pass you'll save lots of time and money

  • 90%


    The city of everything

    From high end restaurants, to budget shops, the tall Sky Tree, to the historic Sensouji in Asakusa, Tokyo is the centre of everything in Japan, be it economic and cultural. Having been to other Japanese cities, no other city matches the scale and vastness of it.

    Insider Tip:If shopping on a budget for daily necessities, supermarkets and Don Quijote ("Donki") can offer better value for money than convenience stores or 100 yen shops. Use Hyperdia to find the best route to get around Tokyo's vast and complicated train network that station maps may not tell you. You can use an IC card to pay slightly less than in cash. You can use it to purchase a ticket instead if you want to keep the card, but want as little balance when you leave. You can pay the balance in cash.

  • 90%


    The best city on Earth

    I stayed here for 6 weeks, walked in every cardinal direct for hours and hours. i explored from noon to am and i loved every second. i destroyed my all stars with the mileage. I was never bored in Tokyo. i parties, i ate, i explored, i made friends, i relaxed, and i shopped. I will return. i want to stay.

    Insider Tip:7/11 will feed you cheaply and with surprising quality.

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