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It's hard to think of a city as fascinating as Tokyo. And calling it a 'city' doesn't do it justice. This is a metropolis that encompasses a collection of mini-cities, each with their own intriguing attributes. You have the bright lights of Shibuya, the eclectic people of Harajuku, the electronic gadgets of Akihabara, the hedonism of Roppongi, and the craziness of Shinjuku. This is one of the world's great cities with more to offer than most places. And while some parts may not suit everyone's taste, there isn't an area that will fail to excite you.

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  • After Dark The best bars in the Japanese capital.
  • Don't Miss Find out one of three times a year that you can catch sumo wrestling in the home of the sport.
  • Neighbourhood Watch In Tokyo, the neighbourhoods are the star attractions. Find out which ones are worth visiting.
  • Budget Tips How to save money in a city that is known for being expensive.

Tokyo City Reviews

  • 80%


    Adrenaline city

    Feel the heat of the city as people rush from one point to another. Hi-tech city, that makes you feel you are in the future, not just in Japan.

    Insider Tip:Learn some basic phrases in japan, as english will not help you at all

  • 90%



    Tokyo is an extraordinary city, with uncountable number of things to do and see. I strongly recommend going to the new Skytree Tower (the over 600 meter high radio tower).

    Insider Tip:Even if you have the Japan Rail Pass, you will probably have to end up buying the one day pass for the subway, as the transportation system in Tokyo is so big that it takes quite a while on foot from the JR station to the sites of interest. If you plan to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market and watch the auction, you´d better be there at 3 am in the morning !! Otherwise you won´t be able to enter as there is a very limited amount of tourist that are allowed in.

  • 90%


    Quick Budget Trip

    I had decided to go to Tokyo for 3 days alone and on a budget. I didn't think it was doable since I've always heard how expensive it was. Amazingly, it was quite doable! I saw a ton of temples, tourist attractions, tons of shopping, and ate great food. A great safe place to visit alone.

    Insider Tip:Get a Suica card for the subway. It also works on the buses and most vending machines. A nice way to keep your money organized.

  • 90%


    Tokyo Was Everything I Thought It'd Be and More

    I was in Tokyo for a total of four days during my seven day trip to Japan and the only thing I have to say is that I absolutely loved everything about Tokyo. When my trip finally came to an end I was definitely bummed out and wish I could have stayed longer. Everything about the city is appealing and something that grew on my fast. Everything to the public transportation to the friendliness of the people to the vast amounts of things to do.

    Insider Tip:The public transportation is amazing, but hopping on the subway a few times a day adds up because each trip is between $1.60 and $3.00 depending on where you are going. I didn't realize till it was too late that they have that metro card available to foreigners where you can get a pass for unlimited rides. I definitely would have saved money if I would have purchased this right when I arrived in Tokyo. Also if you're there when they have the Tokyo Bay Booze cruise (I did it in August) going on DO IT!

  • 70%


    Very hot in August

    This's my second time in Tokyo. The weather is very hot in August even I come from Thailand, I still found out that it was very hot and dry. Tokyo suits my and my sister's shopping habits. It's very easy to shop around and eat around. We did not do many sightseeing or going to many popular places. Tokyo Disney Sea performance was worth waiting even there was a bit raining that day. Things are a bit pricey but worth paying.

    Insider Tip:We spent around 120000 yen for 8 days for 2 people. Yakiniku at Shinjuku (Rokkuten) is recommended. We had a wide range of food price from cheap iced cup noodle to pricey Yakiniku. Food in convenient stores was good too. Tokyo metro is always crowded at prime time, we would wait until around 8.30 pm to get a ride. We walked a lot in Tokyo so I would recommend to wear a pair of sneakers or walking shoes.

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