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Home to some of the world's most iconic landmarks, as well as the world's most powerful man, Washington DC is a surprisingly laid back city. When compared to the pace of life in other big American cities, things here are notably more relaxed. In saying that, this doesn't mean it lacks things to do or can't be enjoyable as its counterparts. It can - just on a different level. In one afternoon here you can see more instantly recognisable buildings than anywhere else in the States. You can also explore its various neighbourhoods, enjoy a host of different cuisines, or party into the early hours. Make no mistake about it - 'DC' isn't like other American cities, but this only makes it a breath of fresh air when travelling through this vast country.

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Washington DC City Reviews

  • 90%


    Gorgeous city

    DC is just amazing. Although it's a metropolis, open wide spaces with 360 visibility are common. Being European I got the feeling to stroll in a city for giants. The Mall and visiting places around it are amazing. Georgetown neighborhood is peaceful and nice-looking with impressive piece of architecture such as the university. Nightlife is no less. College bars offer you cheap deals on drinks, good music and surely a worthy night.

    Insider Tip:Memorial, air and space museum absolutely with free tour guide, college bars!!

  • 60%


    Choose a nice time for the museums

    I made the wrong decision to visit DC around Christmas time – the museums were packed on most days. Luckily and the eve, the museums were quite empty and I was able to enjoy the museums. By the way, did I mention that the museums are free?

    Insider Tip:If you have time, check out the Hirshhorn Museum too!

  • 60%


    Great place to explore!

    You can do a lots of things by foot! The city is very organized and clean, it really worth to spend your time there, maybe 3 or 4 days is pretty enough! We liked a lot, enjoy the opportunity to explore NY also, it is not so far. I took a flight from BWI, and it is not so far, and much cheaper than any other airport, I think it worth.

  • 80%


    The nation's capital

    Loved DC. So much to see and do, you'll need at least 3-5 days. The subway makes it easy to navigate, and the Mall is beautiful to stroll through. The parks are beautiful and the people are friendly. Food - you MUST TRY "&PIZZA"!!! It is amazing, production line high quality food. Absolutely delicious. You should always start your day early as there can be large crowds (especially school kids). Didn't hit the town unfortunately.

  • 80%


    Washington DC

    The cheapest US city, many world class free museums and free sights means that you only spend money on food and accommodation. The only thing that limits the time here is the amount of museums you can see day after day! The city is easy to get around, a bike or walking will do it all. The nightlife can be hit and miss here.

    Insider Tip:Smithsonian Museums are great! The Air and Space and Natural History museums were my favourite. If your time is tight in DC get a bike.

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