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Switzerland's largest city Zürich finds itself ideally situated in a picturesque alpine setting. The Limmat River runs through the city centre into the breathtaking expanse of Lake Zürich. Attractions such as the Landesmuseum, the Kunsthaus, and much more can all be visited in this culturally rich city. From Niederdorfstrasse in Zürich's Old Town to the former industrial area and currently hip district of Zürich West, the city is brimming with nightlife. For a great taste of Swiss life in a stunning setting, be sure to check out this entirely enticing destination.

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  • Cheap Eats Learn more about local favourite such as Bichermüesli, and get tips on great places to eat.
  • Don't Miss Filled with museums, churches and more, Zurich has many attractions for you to check out.
  • Zurich for Free Find out what you can do in Zurich completely free of charge.
  • A Day in Zurich... Check out our guide to the perfect day in this Swiss city

Zurich City Reviews

  • 80%


    Zurich and Switzerland in general isn't the cheapest place on earth, so for the low budget traveller it isn't the best place. But Zurich is definitely a worth of a visit. It's a very beautiful city in a shore of a lake and arounded by mountains, so the view is always worth of seeing. There is lot of places to shop around and treat yourself with the best delicatessen, but of course you might need a lot of money for that. But after all very nice and beautiful city and I enjoyed of my staying.

  • 60%



    Zurich was nice but by the time I got there it was another town with another river to say. The Lake is absolutely beautiful but their is not a whole lot to do. This would be a great day trip if you were close enough. Also, I would recommend taking train ride through Switzerland as I went from Salzburg to Zurich and it was absolutely beautiful.

  • 100%


    zurich is a good city.

    I was travelling around the Europe and before Zurich I was in France. To be honest I like the Zurich the most, the weather is so cool, I don't suffer from the heat and the city is so beautiful. If you don't speak Germany it's ok, most people there speak English so I really enjoy there.

    Insider Tip:When you buy the tickets be careful with the zone area. That's kind of complicated.

  • 60%



    If you have lots of spare cash, Zurich is definitely worth a visit. For a budgeting backpacker though, even the price of a dinner (the cheapest we could find !!) amounted to around 50 usd. The scenery and buildings were quaint and pretty, but not enough to warrant spending more than a night here...

  • 60%


    Postcards can't capture the beauty

    Zurich, although expensive, is a very beautiful place. My friend and I went on a boat ride, not at a great deal of cost and went to the fantastic opera for the equivalent of £13 because of the last minute student deals. Also everything closed on sundays, even in this busy tourist city, and nothing opens till around 10.

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