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Switzerland's largest city Zürich finds itself ideally situated in a picturesque alpine setting. The Limmat River runs through the city centre into the breathtaking expanse of Lake Zürich. Attractions such as the Landesmuseum, the Kunsthaus, and much more can all be visited in this culturally rich city. From Niederdorfstrasse in Zürich's Old Town to the former industrial area and currently hip district of Zürich West, the city is brimming with nightlife. For a great taste of Swiss life in a stunning setting, be sure to check out this entirely enticing destination.

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  • Cheap Eats Learn more about local favourite such as Bichermüesli, and get tips on great places to eat.
  • Don't Miss Filled with museums, churches and more, Zurich has many attractions for you to check out.
  • Zurich for Free Find out what you can do in Zurich completely free of charge.
  • A Day in Zurich... Check out our guide to the perfect day in this Swiss city

Zurich City Reviews

  • 40%


    Only need a day

    There really wasn't a lot to see/do and it was very expensive. The walking tour was good, and we went swimming in the lake. Also worth checking out Utiliberg if you're interested in a hike or nature. But realistically, food/drink and shopping are very expensive here.

    Insider Tip:There are only 3 hostels in Zurich (so I'm told) - do your research.

  • 60%


    Recommendation for budgeted tourists

    I was greeted by really nice and friendly staff when I checked in, which left us a good impression. The lobby was huge and has a lot of facilities, though most of them charges 1 or 2 euro like snooker. We lived in a 4 bed mixed dorm, there were lockers and a sink in each room, a socket and bed light besides each bed, which I appreciated. The bathroom was fine. There is a supermarket and tram station to the city centre nearby. In overall, it was a really nice experience.

  • 40%


    Leave it for the Bankers

    Try to avoid if possible. Stay somewhere else in Switzerland. Ueitilberg was cool and neighbouring cities like Lucerne are very pretty and filled with enjoyable people.

  • 30%


    Good for a day

    I would recommend Zurich for a day and a half tops. You can hike the mountain nearby and visit old town, but it's too expensive to stay long and there's not too much to do

    Insider Tip:But food and chocolate in the grocery stores to avoid paying for expensive meals. It can be 25 CHF for a salad. Take advantage of free breakfast and make a sandwich for later

  • 60%


    Just come after you get rich

    Everybody told me how Zourich was expensive, but I was still surprised at just how expensive it was. It's a beautiful city in a beautiful country, but unless you have a lot of money to spend I'd go to Austria or France instead.

    Insider Tip:You can borrow a bike for free next to the main train station, which is really nice. The National Museum (also near the station) was one of the best I've visited so far, and surprisingly cheap (about 10€)

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