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Switzerland's largest city Zürich finds itself ideally situated in a picturesque alpine setting. The Limmat River runs through the city centre into the breathtaking expanse of Lake Zürich. Attractions such as the Landesmuseum, the Kunsthaus, and much more can all be visited in this culturally rich city. From Niederdorfstrasse in Zürich's Old Town to the former industrial area and currently hip district of Zürich West, the city is brimming with nightlife. For a great taste of Swiss life in a stunning setting, be sure to check out this entirely enticing destination.

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  • Cheap Eats Learn more about local favourite such as Bichermüesli, and get tips on great places to eat.
  • Don't Miss Filled with museums, churches and more, Zurich has many attractions for you to check out.
  • Zurich for Free Find out what you can do in Zurich completely free of charge.
  • A Day in Zurich... Check out our guide to the perfect day in this Swiss city

Zurich City Reviews

  • 60%


    Just come after you get rich

    Everybody told me how Zourich was expensive, but I was still surprised at just how expensive it was. It's a beautiful city in a beautiful country, but unless you have a lot of money to spend I'd go to Austria or France instead.

    Insider Tip:You can borrow a bike for free next to the main train station, which is really nice. The National Museum (also near the station) was one of the best I've visited so far, and surprisingly cheap (about 10€)

  • 40%


    Expensive city. Great stop if going on a ski trip nearby.

    I found Zurich too expensive and pretentious for me. It was snowing when I was there and the city is quite beautiful when covered in snow. However, I felt like there are way too many tourists looking to spend money on overpriced brandy things. Although some people might find that to be a good thing, it's just not my cup of tea. i still feel like it could be a cool place to visit for half a day if you are going on a ski trip at the mountains close by.

    Insider Tip:If traveling in the winter, make sure you pack warm clothes. Also avoid going there on Sundays because everything (shops and most restaurants) are closed. Only the underground shopping area at the train station is opened and trust me, there isn't much to see there.

  • 40%


    My trip to Zurich

    It's a very organized and expensive city, with everything in place and educated citizens (even those who don't speak English will try to help you, lol). Unfortunately there isn't much to see there (for free), except those beautiful mountains far away which you will be able to see covered in snow if you visit it during winter.

    Insider Tip:Public transportation is expensive and stores don't open at sundays so use your legs (if you can) and buy whatever you need before the weekend!

  • 50%


    Best thing to do in Zurich, top view of the city

    I love to go to the Lindenhof garden. At there, you can see the stunning view of the city (three churchs, the lake, the mountain,etc..) Dont' miss it! Then, you can also take a walk on the tourist route as suggested in the tourist guide map, that's also cool! During you walk, you can take a break and have a perfect cup of coffee at Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren. And before you go back home, go to the COOP to buy chocolate for your friends!

  • 40%



    I went to Zurich with a friend. It was a pretty city, especially the older end of town. But due to the cost there was not much for students to do there. I was "over" the city by the end of our first day.

    Insider Tip:Get a tram pass. My friend and I did not (for whatever reason) and I felt I could have gotten more out of the city if I had done that.

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