Hostelworld Podcast — FAQ

Why isn’t the audio playing after I hit the play button?

Chances are you haven’t given the podcast enough time to stream. If you hit play, then hit the pause button to let the podcast load up, when you hit play the second time the podcast should play uninterrupted.

Can I alter the volume on the podcast?

To change the volume, simply click on the volume icon under the podcast player.

Can I download the podcast so I can download it later?

To do this right click on 'download mp3' and click on 'save target as'.

What is the best way to manage my podcasts?

The best way to do this is by using a podcast player. The most popular one is iTunes.

How do I subscribe to your podcasts in iTunes?

Subscribe via iTunes or alternatively, once you have iTunes open, click on 'Advanced' up top, and then 'Subscribe to Podcast'. In the box that appears enter http://www.hostelworld.com/podcasts/generatepodcastxml.php and click 'ok'.

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