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Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Mosaic House

Prague, Czech Republic

The hostel really is more like a hotel. It's very nice looking, the showers are amazing, and the staff were very accommodating and helpful. Within relatively good walking distance to all the major sights you'd want to see. Since it does feel more like a hotel though, it's a bit harder to socialize with other people if you're a lone traveller. Excellent facilities though, would certainly recommend.


Perfect location. Walking distance to everything. It's a party hostel so don't expect too much quiet/sleep. I had a problem caused by some of the staff while I was there, but the managers went above and beyond the call of duty to rectify it. I can't praise the managers enough. I think their names were Cory and Paula. Good basic breakfast and excellent shower pressure. There isn't any A/C so it can get hot. Pub crawl is actually a club crawl. Still fairly fun though. Iffy Wifi only in reception.

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

My friend and I had a very nice stay here. It was within walking distance of everywhere we wanted to go, the bathrooms had a really nice set up, and I actually liked making my own bed with the provided sheets. Free locks for the lockers and free towel rentals.Not to mention free coffee/tea all day. Can't really go wrong with that. All in all, I would certainly recommend it!


They don't have A/C, and with it getting warm in the summer, it makes for an uncomfortable night sleep (if you get any). Location was just outside the Jewelry Quarter and about a 15 min walk to the Centre. The staff were nice, and accommodated me when I asked to move rooms due to the heat of the 12 bed dorm (that doesn't have opening windows) and a ridiculously loud snorer above me. The breakfast was a bit of a joke with toast and a couple different cereals being the options. Not bad over-all.

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Ah the perennial problem of dorm-snorers, I hope that your second room was snore-free. We appreciate that it has been pretty hot here in Birmingham for the past few weeks but air-conditioning would be a little bit overkill for the few weeks of summer we're blessed with every year in England!

Comics Guesthouse

Rome, Italy

So close to the metro, making it easy to get around. A/C in every room and the themes are awesome with comic/movie/anime everywhere. The hostel was clean. Staff were very friendly and helpful. It's a small hostel with only 5 rooms, but definitely worth staying. We certainly enjoyed it. They even let us stay in the private room for one night with no extra charge while we were there since it wasn't booked that day. Great job guys. If I'm ever back in Rome, I'll be staying with you again.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Was in the private room with boyfriend. Room was adorable and clean. The staff were nice and friendly. Only issue I had was when we came back from being out, the staff gave us a hassle when we only had one room card with us (being in the privater, we didn't feel the need to take both cards, nor did they tell us we had to have both at all times). They should have a more efficient way of keeping track of guests other than a stack of papers to go through when they're not sure who someone is.

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Hi there, Sorry about that. Staff should have informed you to bring two passes with you. We have several methods of checking guests. Key Cards which we can read electronically, security pass', room assignment and also check in cards. Often people will try to sneak in non guests after a night out, so we have to be careful. However, point taken, I will remind staff.

Abbey Court

Dublin, Ireland

I stayed one night in the 8 bed woman's dorm. The hostel is like a maze with interesting little rooms everywhere when you explore, like a hammock room and cinema room etc. I wasn't able to get a great feel for the hostel since I was only there for one night, but I would probably stay there again.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I booked the 14 bed dorm. It was disgustingly hot (well over 40C). I couldn't sleep at all, even after trying for hours. There was no A/C and one fan for the whole room with a small window. I don't think anyone slept in that room. I stayed in the lobby all night. The floors themselves we also pretty hot. I asked to be changed to another room that I wouldn't suffocate in and had to pay extra for an 8 bed dorm. I cancelled my last night there. The staff were fine and helped with what they could.

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I had such a fantastic time that I kept extending my stay there and eventually even worked there for a couple weeks since they couldn't get rid of me! The breakfast is amazing (Bacon, eggs, toast etc), the staff are incredible (Beth/Steve/Shona/Alice etc), and the friendly atmosphere just can't be beat. It is easily my favourite hostel in all my travels. You're missing out in Belfast if you're a younger traveller and don't stay at Lagan.

Inverness Tourist Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

They pack way too many people into one room. They had 4 bunk beds in my room when really they should have maxed it at 3. The doors are all very creaky and you can hear every time someone opens or shuts a door in almost any part of the hostel. The toilets were checked regularly, but they seemed off somehow. I actually avoided having a shower while I was there. The staff were decent and there was a kitchen that can be used by everyone. Wifi was only in the common room; little cramped at times.

Willy Wallace Hostel

Stirling, Scotland

The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly. The location was perfect; right in the middle of Stirling within walking distance to everything. Only 2 min from the train station. Very nice common room and full access kitchen for guests. The only issue I had was that there were no lockers in the rooms themselves for valuables. Would definitely recommend it though!

The Dictionary, Shoreditch

London, England

The whole place was under construction so there were workers everywhere. I knew that so expected it; on the other hand workers were coming in and out of the room at all times, and often the door wasn't actually locked, which I wasn't pleased with. There were almost no outlets in the rooms but for one power bar for 12 people. The location was great, exactly where I needed to be. The staff was friendly and helpful. Needs a bit more work, but it will end up being a good hostel.

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All good points, thank you! We are so close to finishing and counting down the days until the builders are all gone!!!!!! We hope that you will come back and check us out next time you are in London! :)


The hostel was overbooked so they upgraded us to a 3 bed private for no extra charge. That was pretty awesome. It's close major tourist sights. You can walk to Tian An men Square and The Forbidden City. The staff are nice, but make sure if you phone them for to direct a taxi somewhere that is NOT the hostel you make sure they understand that. They brought us back to the hostel when we asked the front desk to inform the taxi driver we wanted to go to Worker's Stadium. Wasn't happy about that.


Over all I loved downtown backpackers. It's in a fantastic spot close to everything and they even give you a free breakfast every morning. Also, the great staff there overnight expressed my phone to me when I had forgotten it after check out. I really appreciated the fact they were so quick on that. The only thing that bothered me was that the storage lockers in the rooms didn't have lock capabilities. There were lockable lockers downstairs though for major things I guess.

Zhenxing Fisherman's Bed & Breakfast

Yantai Changdao, China

We spent one night on Changdao Island. This place wasn't a bed and breakfast by any means. I'm pretty sure it's someone's house who happens to have a couple extra rooms and thought to bring in more $ by allowing people the stay the night. There was no hot water, the toilets (even by Chinese standards) were not the most appealing. The courtyard of this house served as gathering place for the neighbourhood at night. I think it was considered a restaurant.

Hi Inn Nanda Street

Yantai, China

Unfortunately the staff here didn't speak fluent enough English to make double bookings an easy thing. We confused the desk staff by alternating nights at different hostels while there. We cleared it up eventually. Other than that, it doesn't really have a hostel feel. The rooms are privates and there isn't much of a common room where you can socialize with other guests.


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