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Artline Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

It was about 100 degrees F when I was at Artline and while the facilities were nice enough they were not at all equipped for this type of heat. There was one fan for the whole facility. Even another fan or two would have made the stay more bearable. Otherwise nice facility.

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

This is pretty well located, within 10-15 minute walks of all the major sights of Florence. However, I did feel it was a little overpriced given that it isn't closer to everything. This hostel has a pool, which I didn't use, but is a cool feature. There is only the restaurant and bar as a common space though and not so much a lounge which made it more difficult to meet people.

Sky Lounge Hostel

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Friendliest staff you could ask for.

Dubrovnik Backpackers Club

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is a family run hostel and the mother actually feels like your mother figure in Dubrovnik - she cooks an exceptional breakfast and is always there to answer questions. This hostel is a located a little outside of the old city but is easily accessible by a bus that runs every 15 minutes and takes 10 minutes into town. The location isn't a problem and it allows for a lower price than the hostels closer to the city which is greatly appreciated. They also run their own tours which gives persona

Beach Hostel

Split, Croatia

This hostel feels like a home for travelers. It is small and there is a central living room, porch, and kitchen area where everyone in the hostel seemed to hang out which quickly turned into everyone being friends.

Smart City Hostel by Safestay

Edinburgh, Scotland

This is a big hostel so lacking in some charm that smaller hostels may have but as far as huge hostels go this is a good one. It was very clean and the bar and restaurant area are really nice. It is also located right in the middle of the old town, one block form the main sights of the city.

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

No customer comment

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Wombats was clean, friendly, quiet enough or at least the rooms themselves kept the noise down and the bar on the roof had a good atmosphere and nice specials. Wasn't hard to meet other travelers


Dusseldorf, Germany

This was a fine hostel but had a funky atmosphere, which may also be due to Dusseldorf - not exactly a stop on the backpacker trail so it did not feel like a place to hang out but the facilities were plenty fine and convenient enough by public transit to the bus station

At Baan Khun Hostel

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is a great hostel in Chiang Mai. I kept bouncing back to Chiang Mai while traveling around the region and would use this hostel as my home base because it always felt comfortable and clean and had a great atmosphere to meet other travelers. The common spaces and the roof are very nice and many people hanging out in them made it easy to meet other travelers. You can book (overpriced) tours from the lobby, which is convenient, even if you can also find these tours elsewhere.

Starling Backpackers

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

No customer comment