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Naked Tiger Hostel

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

This is a party hostel. If you need somewhere quiet to sleep, this is not the place. If you need somewhere to meet cool young people and have fun, there's nowhere better. The shuttles in and our of town are a bit inconvenient, but the view is amazing, especially at sunset. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Hostal El Momento

Granada, Nicaragua

A fantastic place. Great atmosphere, relaxed and social. Beautiful courtyard with hammocks and comfy couches. Friendly, helpful staff who will make your stay in granada memorable. Also, the dorm has comfy beds and a great bathroom, another guest and I were talking about how it doesn't feel like there are 11 people in there at all. Book early, and for all of your stay, as this place fills up fast.

Managua Backpackers Inn

Managua, Nicaragua

This place is ok(ish). The staff weren't very present or helpful. The location is ok, but you'll need to take a taxi to get anywhere. I stayed in transit, it was fine for that.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

In a cool part of the city. Very clean, modern and new. Great staff and a welcoming atmosphere.

Generation Europe Youth Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

A bit out of the way from central brussels. Big dorms that hold a lot of people, but generally clean. Seems to cater primarily to large groups of french tourists.

Carpe Noctem Original

Budapest, Hungary

This is a great party hostel. Lots of fun and great staff.

Hostel Miles

Prague, Czech Republic

Very clean, and in a great location. A good place to meet people. Very comfortable beds.

Antico Capon

Venice, Italy

Great location, but very, very bare bones. No lockers, no internet, no kitchen or breakfast.

Ostello Tramonti

Cinque Terre, Italy

A fantastic hostel. The staff really do go out of their way to make you feel at home. A little hard to find, but once you get there you will have a fantastic stay!

Hostel Gallo d'Oro

Florence, Italy

The best hostel I have ever stayed at. The staff are very friendly, and go out of their way to make you feel at home. Rooms are very clean, beds are comfy, and if you're lucky, you will even get a patio. Breakfast is simple but good, and there is occasionally a free simple dinner. But it's the staff that make the experience. They really are unique.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

A rocking hostel with a great bar. Location is a bit out of the way, but convenient to the central station. Expect to party late into the night, and not get a whole lot of sleeping done. Nice showers, but a little bit dirty. Food is good but expensive. Great pizza place a few doors down.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

A fantastic experience. Great location, fun staff, and the rooftop bar has a fantastic view of the city. Highly recommended.