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Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 40

Zen Hostel Brasil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Possibly the best small hostel I've stayed at. I love staying there! Excellent staff, good location near to a subway station, and it's extremely clean. The shared bathrooms are for both male and female. There is a full bathroom with sink, toilet, and shower, and the other sinks, toilets and showers are "gym style". Just keep in mind that men and women use the same space and some people could feel a bit embarrassed. The bathroom isn't frequently crowded though, so no problem.


It is almost a hotel with dorms. The staff is the best, they were very nice and helpful. I was there during the Oktoberfest period, so it was a bit noisy and very expensive (as expected, I guess). Anyway, I would recommend this place for sure.

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

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I really enjoyed staying there. The dorms are big, so people can actually stay in the room not just to sleep. I made some friends there because of that. The toilets, showers and sinks are separated in the bathroom. And it seemed like the hostel has a common area now, they were reforming the place. The location is good, pretty close to the main station, from where you can get to any area in the city by metro, tram or bus.

Academy Hostel

Florence, Italy

I love the beds in the dorms: there is no bunk bed, just regular beds. Very good location, it's really easy to get to the main tourists attractions in the city and to the train station.

La Dolce Vita Rooms

Cinque Terre, Italy

The location is just perfect, right at the best point of the main street. Everything you need is really close, like a self-service laundry, mini-markets, restaurants, and the train station. The room is really big and confortable. But you need to keep in mind that it is not a hostel nor a b&b, so it is expensive and you are not going to meet people. There is no wifi in the room, only at the office or in front of it.

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

I liked staying there. The owner is very nice and the location couldn't be better. The only problem is that they have only two bathrooms. It is not their fault though, they are located in an old building and it's not easy to create new bathrooms there. Nevertheless, it was not a big problem to me, I needed to wait for a few minutes just one time. I heard that they got authorization to build more bathrooms, so it will be perfect in the future.

Nice Hotel

Venice, Italy

A good place to stay if you want to see Venice in one day and want also to save some money and get some comfort, even if it means catching a bus to Venice itself. But they say at the hostelworld website that the wifi works in all rooms, and that is not true. You only can get good signal at the reception, and it closes at midnight, so keep that in mind.


The host is amazing and her B

HI Floripa Hostel Centro

Florianopolis, Brazil

Excelente opção central, para quem quer curtir a cidade de maneira geral e não apenas uma praia. Café da manhã simples mas muito bom. Achei o quarto meio quente, mesmo com ventilador de teto, e não era nem verão. Não se esqueça de levar seu próprio cadeado, eles não tem nem pra alugar nem pra vender.

HI Las Vegas Tod Hostel

Las Vegas, USA

It is the best located hostel in Las Vegas for sure! You can get to the airport by bus ($2) and to the casinos and Fremont Street by Deuce bus ($8 unlimited rides for 24 hours). The staff is nice. The breakfast is really poor, but for that price is more than ok. It is not a good place to know other travelers, though. There were many weird local people living there. It's not a "backpackers only" place. But it seems to be a common problem of all hostels in Vegas.

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

I love the outlets inside the lockers and at the side of each bed. To be honest, there are outlets everywhere. You always can keep your devices charged. The staff is great and there are really fun activities everyday. I like the location, near the walk of fame and the subway station, although the neighbourhood didn't look that safe. The breakfast is poor, there are few bathrooms and the dorms are too small for that amount of people, but I will consider staying there again next time.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

I love the outlets inside the lockers and at the side of each bed. To be honest, there are outlets everywhere. You always can keep your devices charged. There are some fun activities everyday. There are full bathrooms, AND toilets, sinks and showers separated. You never need to wait in order to take a shower. But I didn't like the dorm room. I think it is too small. The staff is nice but could be more prepared. Sometimes i thought they didn't really know what they were doing there.


The staff is amazing! The place is almost a hotel. There are many common rooms, so you can get privacy or make new friends, it's up to you to decide. The location is almost perfect. I definitely recommend this hostel.

Downtown Washington Hostel

Washington DC, USA

If you want to make new friends and have fun, that is the place for you! If you stay there, you'll eat the pancake breakfast with travelers from all around the world at the same table. The staff is really nice and there are many activities you can join. I really love that hostel! The only problem is that the wifi didn't work well.

Urban Oasis

New York, USA

It is a good hostel: good location, excellent staff and it is very clean. It is not exactly cheap, but the price is ok for NY. The common areas are really great! There were some problems though. One of the toilets was clogged when I arrived and there was no water for more than 24 hours - I don't know if it happens frequently or not. At least the staff provided water buckets and hand sanitizer. People who stay in some rooms need to cross the common room in order to get to the bathroom.

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NYC went though a major catastrophe and unfortunately we experienced some troubles after the hurricane. The building maintenance worked hard to fix a broken pump and provide water service as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience the water shortage caused you.