Reviews: Anonymous

Florenc 41

Prague, Czech Republic

Stayed here for one of three nights in Prague but should have stayed here the entire time. You're about a 10 minute walk from everything and about 3 minutes from the central bus station and grocery stores. This means you're close enough to everything, but not going to be overwhelmed by crowds the second you step outside. The hostel is more like an apartment and is just an amazing value for the money. Yaroslav, the owner, has made this place a jewel in the midst of lots of valueless hostels.

A&O Prague Metro Strizkov

Prague, Czech Republic

This is the worst hostel I have ever stayed in. Dont even waste your time reading the rest of my review. JUST GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Same cost as staying downtown when you add cost of linens and anything else you might want or need. Lockers also don't have locks provided. Construction workers on scaffolding pounding on our window at 8am exactly, literally. Dust on everything, wifi free only in lobby not in rooms, no locks provided. Creepy The Shining like halls with trash in them. What a waste.

Puzzle Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Was going to stay here originally for 1 night but ended up staying for 2. The staff were all amazing, and showed a lot of concern for their clients. The location is great as it is a 10 minute walk to Piata Romana or Gara de Nord making it convenient for early or late departures/arrivals. The beds were comfortable and clean and the hostel is quiet. While the hostel is a bit less traditional, the value and the people there made it well worth it for us. Not a party hostel.

PanGeea Hostel

Sibiu, Romania

While this hostel is located just off piata mare, it is located next to a late night dance club. Additionally, it adjoins a bar which is very loud and draws the late night party crowd to both it and the hostel. Beds were comfortable, but cleaning started each morning before check out time. The staff is minimally present and not very approachable unless you're sitting at the bar drinking. Met some nice folks here and liked sibiu but would not stay again.