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Chillout Lya Hostel Bar

Istanbul, Turkey

Very close to Taksim and Istiklal street, and very easy to get to. The hostel is quiet and the rooms are clean, but the shared restrooms are not ventilated and the air is stale. My entire room had only one power plug, so one could either charge the electric appliances or have the fan working, but not both. The shared kitchen was rather clean. Overall a pleasant if sweltering experience.

West Lily Hotel

Yangshuo, China

No complaints. Very nice hotel, rather close to the bus station and yet off the main thoroughfare.


Very friendly hostel, with clean rooms and great location. The only complaint is that the staff tend to be quite loud while playing games in the lounge; it happened three times in three days, and it was rather unpleasant for all guests still left in the common areas...

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Thank you for choosing us and give us a great review . and sorry for what you have been through in our hostel . Mostly , we will try to play games ( Majang and table football etc...) with our guests to make a comunal atmosphere here . However , thanks again for you useful suggestion .. We will try to play more gently while guests are chilling , reading and planning trips . Happy travel . Hope to see you again .

Shanghai Dock Bund Hostel

Shanghai, China

I stayed in the single-bed private room, and it was very claustrophobic (fourth floor, and elevator only goes to third floor). The entire hostel has a rather moldy, cramped feel to it, and the staff seemed very lackluster about greeting guests. It is also a few blocks away from the nearest subway stop, and the streets are not ideal for walking with luggage in tow. Maybe it is best to take a cab there. All this said, I should point out the location is excellent and the prices are low!


If you have some business in the university district, this is an excellent location (in fact, the easiest way to get here by taxi is to tell the driver to bring you to Tsinghua south gate, 清华大学南门, and the hostel will be just across the street). There are plenty of cheap restaurants nearby, and the hostel is rather quiet and clean (and full of Chinese students -- not the usual hostel crowd westerners might be used to). The beds don't have mattresses; otherwise I thought the stay was comfortable.

Hotel Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

Fantastic location and price (relative to other offers in Stockholm). Nice perks (free food, bed linen etc). The dorm doors are almost never locked (guests are allowed to prop them open), which might be a safety issue for some people. The staff do their best, but the hostel is huge and rambling and random little problems might always happen. Overall, I had a fun time here and would definitely recommend the hostel to others!

Iguassu Guest House

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Clean, new and safe, with a very welcoming owner and friendly staff. You get your own room key, which is very nice, and the rooms have functioning a/c. The main locations in Foz are all a bus ride away, and this hostel is very close to the bus hub (TTU), so it is incredibly easy to travel to and from the falls, the dam and the airport (no need to take the shuttle the hostel offers). There are also nice activities in the evening, and (even better) I did not find the noise to be a problem. The main down