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YHA Bangkok Airport

Bangkok, Thailand

I honestly can't say as though I enjoyed my night here. I only booked the room here because I had to be at the airport the next day at 4 a.m., and this hotel is extremely close to the airport. My room looked like a jail cell. The bed was hard as a rock. There were no restaurants in walking distance. There were cockroaches and lizards in the bathrooms. I would have been better off just spending the night in the airport and saving the money. They did have good wifi.

Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

I stayed in the female dorm, and the only issue I had was that the air conditioner did not push out cold air. I was dreadfully hot. I complained to the front desk, and they tried to help, but it did not do much good. The staff members were always more than happy to help me, and the breakfast in the morning was good.

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Hue, Vietnam

The staff here went above and beyond to help me get my iPad back after I stupidly left it under my pillow at the hostel. I was so relieved to get it back! This in general is your average hostel, but from my experience, the staff members were fabulous.

Long Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

This is the best hostel I have stayed in overall in all of my travels. The family that runs this hostel treats everyone like family, assisting with getting around Saigon and always offering tea and fruit. The free breakfast was excellent, and this family even helped me when a motorbike man tried to charge me double what we agreed on. I have all good things to say about my experience here.

The Mad Monkey Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The wifi did not work in my room at all and only worked downstairs and at the restaurant intermittently. The food wasn't very good, and the restaurant floor was beach sand. This sand can be found all over everything in the hostel because people track it of their feet everywhere. Also, the bar was so loud at night that I could hear it loud and clear. Additionally, there was LOUD construction going from 6:30am until 4:30pm everyday. It was impossible to nap.

The Mad Monkey

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I liked how the wifi worked everywhere in the hostel and how friendly the staff were. The bar on the roof was EXTREMELY loud. I could hear it in my room from about 4pm-1am very night I was there.

So Hostel Chiangmai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is a good value. I had no problems. The front desk staff members were sometimes not very eager to help, but it wasn't terrible. Good wifi. Good AC.

Saphaipae Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Everything was perfect during my stay. The staff was very helpful, and the facilities were clean and modern.

Chelsea Star Hotel

New York, USA

The hostel was freezing cold. There was no heating in our room, and they only provided a thin blanket and a sheet. I was barely able to sleep most nights I stayed there because I was shivering.

Ujamaa Hostel

Arusha, Tanzania

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