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Well, it's cheap...


謝謝! 忝い!

Busan Kyungsung Hostel

Busan, South Korea

Really hard to find and the actual sleeping areas are in a different location. Awesome monitor setup though.

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We apologize that the hostel was difficult to find, we provide each and every guest with details and directions of how to find us. We process all check-ins at our cafe, but the actual hostel is within a minute of walking from the cafe. We are now working on implementing a picture of a map along with every booking in light of this review, so no one else will have trouble. As always, thank you for your business and we hope you or your friends stay at another time.


Great, everything you could want, at a good price. Directions might be mildly confusing, make sure to cross the railroad so as to be next to the Mr Doughnut, then follow the colorful road when it veers right.

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Thank you for such a great comment! We all are so happy to hear! Yes, the street is little confusing :( Sorry about this:( We hope to see you again! Thank you:D


It's worth noting you can upgrade to a capsule with an outlet, but otherwise you need to pay hundreds of yen to recharge your phone for mere minutes. There's only a public bath if you're not okay with that. Naked men roam the building, so don't bring any women up the elevator. The poor, poor female staff... Checking in and out is a huuuuge inconvenience. The area's great though, if you like "massages".


Everything here is excellent, no problems at all.


This hotel is very clearly built for Japanese tourists, not Western tourists. That being said, it can be quite the cultural experience for you if that's what you want. Eastern toilets, you have to take off your shoes, and the only baths are public - and of course, it has a pachinko parlor. A major detractor is the lack of outlets. And the internet is terrible. I will mention again - lack of outlets! Free porn on the TVs though.

Little Quarter Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

It's a bit uphill to get to and the sign is hard to spot, it's just after a church on the opposite side. We got an amazing room for cheap.

The Tent Munich

Munich, Germany

It's awesome. You stay in a giant tent. They don't provide pillows, but they do provide bunks and blankets if you don't have a sleeping bag. It was really cold when we went, so showers and sleeping were kind of cold, but they have a campfire at least. It's one of the last stops on the tram, but it comes often and it's not far or hard to get to from the tram and the tram comes often. It's excellent, especially for the price. Oh, but the wifi has short range.

Hotel des Olympiades

Paris, France

The cat is awesome.

Twins Minbak Hostel

Lucerne, Switzerland

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