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YHA Once Brewed

Hadrian's Wall, England

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Northumberland Hotel

Edinburgh, Scotland

on a busy road constant traffic noise had a "function" on a Sunday that went until 11pm with 20 children screaming continuously for 5 hours, followed by a group of drunken adults from the party having a loud fight in front of the hotel so, for a Sunday, and being kept awake until at least midnight, not recommending this place to anyone. the staff gave the typical lame response to our complaint about all the noise, something like "well, we had a function", which, to me, is not adequate.

Inversnaid Bunkhouse Stirling

Stirling, Scotland

not a fan of the bunk beds, they did not look all that safe!


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Travelodge Limerick

Limerick, Ireland

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Cashel Hostel

Cashel, Ireland

good atmosphere, friendly people and staff

Sheilas Cork Hostel

Cork, Ireland

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Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

This place is still under remodeling construction, it might be better when this is done but for now (June 2013) I recommend staying somewhere else because the restrooms/showers on any given floor are frequently closed requiring you to walk all over to find an open one. and the noise is too much for ambience

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Hey, thanks for your review. If you could follow signs you would find 4 brand new showers open ALL the time and 6 toilets in our building. Even under construction we have the nicest rooms in Belgium. ambiance will never be great if you dont wanna join the group after mĂșltiple invites. I guess your review reflects more on yourself than on our hostel, but thank you for great score anyway, enjoy your travels.

Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

not a fan of those beds

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

This property is currently under renovation so there are numerous issues, too many to list/remember, such as construction supplies laying all over the place, no hot water at various times. The beer was great!


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Bari Belle Camere

Bari, Italy

Bari, why would anybody even want to go there? A dirty, noisy, impossible to drive in, crime-ridden city, recommend you pass by this one on your way somewhere else.

Villa Banana

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our family of 4 loved this place, the host family was very good to us, they cooked the best value dinner we had in 3 weeks across Europe. It's a little far from the old city but the view was very nice from high up the slope. Highly recommended.