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Dogo Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There was at least 5 inches of MOLD on the wall of the room to which I was assigned. For health reasons, I do not recommend staying here. ===================================== Había MOHO de 12,5 cm en la pared de la habitación donde me quedé. Por razones de salud, no recomiendo Dogo Hostel.

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We have a humidity spot located in the roof of the room, we know that the mentioned problem does not affect the health of any guest. Dogo Hostel feels disappointed because in your stay of 5 days we did not noticed any discomfort or complain about the problem, we also believe that the mencioned issue didnt affect the overall cleanliness of the hostel that we manteined to the highest standarts and its also our MAIN feature and concern. The little problem has been solved already. Dogo Hostel

Mango Chill

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Excellent staff: Helped me figure out travel route to my next destination and even called the hotel for me to arrange my pickup there Great location: 1 block from bus terminal, express laundry service, and ice cream; a few blocks from a couple clusters of restaurants, and a ~25-minute walk from las 3 fronteras. Below average security: The door to the hostel is left unlocked (we had a dog visitor for a bit), the rooms are not locked, and the lockers are outside of the rooms. Area seemed OK

LimeTime Hostels - V. Madalena

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Location: On a tranquil corner, but I wish I had stayed closer to a metro station. Security: Gate to hostel is locked and only opened by staff member, on 24-hr watch. No locks to rooms but there are big lockers under beds. Rooms: Beds are really shaky; bathrooms needed to be cleaned more often.

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Sorry you thought cleaning was not good, we should work better on this. Rooms are ALWAYS locked, simply by closing the door. You need (and you had) a key to open the room every time. We care a lot for security.

Casamatta Hostel

Pirenopolis, Brazil

Rooms: I slept so well on my single bed. There are also 3-level bunks, which I´m glad I did not have to use. I wish the lockers were in rooms instead of near the reception Bathroom: Cleanest I´ve seen in a hostel. There were enough toilets and showers, but the hostel was not near full occupancy Securitiy: The gate to the hostel is padlocked, and guests can take a key. No room keys Location: Close to a market and some restaurants but a much longer walk to the center and bus station

Oxente Hostel

Salvador, Brazil

Of all hostels I´ve stayed in across South America, this was the dirtiest by far. There is 1 toilet in the female bathroom, which was dirty for 12 hours because the cleaner was not there & the 2 other workers at the hostel refused to clean. My bed was not ready when I arrived at night, and the worker just threw the old sheets onto the floor outside the room. I had to leave in early morning and was only able to get out because I could fit my hand through the gate to ring bell and wake owner.


Rooms Some of the rooms have 3 levels of beds. I stayed at the top of one of these bunks, and as soon as I got into bed I fell quickly, along with the mattress, through the bed frame. Good thing no one was in the middle bunk--if someone was there this person would have been crushed! Cleanliness Shower leaves entire bathroom floor wet & the toilet paper holder was broken so the whole roll fell onto the wet floor. Amenities Wi-fi often does not work. There is 1 computer. Great location

Lagares Hostel

Mendoza, Argentina

Yo estaba cómoda en Lagares. Damian es superayudoso y simpático, y los otros miembros de la personal también son agradables. Me sentía completamente segura porque siempre había alguien para dejar entrar los viajeros. Agradezco mucho que el agua caliente salía en pocos segundos, pero, de los 3 duchas para la pieza de 8 camas, solo 1 (la al lado izquierda al fondo) tenía un buen caño, de los otros, poco agua salía. Yo tenía la suerte de ducharme en la mejor ducha hasta el último día cuando supe la