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Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 34

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Let me get the one and ONLY negative thing about the hostel out of the way first - their double rooms do not have double beds; they're 2 single beds pushed together which is REALLY annoying when you're shagging. But apparently this is pretty common in Italy. That one negative aside, this hostel is awesome, the rooms are safe & clean, the staff are fantastic, the location is handy and downstairs the pub goes off with backpackers & fun locals. The restaurant next door is also not to be missed.

Milano Hotel

Cairo, Egypt

When visiting Egypt I had nothing planned, but the owner/manager Mohammed booked EVERYTHING for me for my week there. Unfortunately the Nile cruise ship I was on burnt down, taking all my belongings with it inc. cash, credit cards, etc, but Mohammed called me every day making sure I was ok and made alternative plans for me. What could have been a nightmare was made a lot less stressful thanks to Mohammed. He was an exceptional host who showed me true Egyptian hospitality.

Hostel Waka Waka, Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time here - the guys that run the hostel are AWESOME hosts, and the location is perfect. I hate to say negative things about a place I enjoyed so much, but the beds are terrible - short, narrow & hard as a rock, with pillows to match; the rooms are REALLY small - in a 5 bed dorm the beds are all end-to-end and there's just enough room to walk thru if everyone keeps their bags on their beds. They could also do with some wifi access too. But a great time here nonetheless.


One of my all-time favourite hostels! I was SO sad to leave this place - Magic Man is a dead-set legend! The location is hard to find at first, but the hostel is in a great spot in the Medina. The rooftop terrace is great, and the common area downstairs is awesome for chillin, enjoying the local produce, drinking beers and making new friends! Rooms are a good size and have lockers which is rare in Morocco! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this hostel!!!

Pension Souika

Chefchaouen, Morocco

I really enjoyed my stay at this hostel. The location is excellent, in the heart of the old medina, and there is an AMAZING rooftop terrace where many hours can be whittled away, enjoying some of the local produce & chatting to expats that are all in the area for the same reason. ;) Just make sure that if you're checking-out super early to catch the bus that you have exact change. I had to leave quite a tip as there was no change at 6am :(

Riad Verus

Fez, Morocco

Ok, word of warning - Riad Verus isn't in the easiest place to find, so be prepared to ask where it is, but when I first walked in I was blown away by the Moroccan character of the place - it's beautiful! I was in a shared dorm, and I LOVED the padded leather walls! The breakfast here is AMAZING, and don't be afraid to ask for a beer or 5 while you're chilling in the common area! Yusef is a great, friendly host and always happy to help you. Highly recommend.

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thanks for the comments Cameron and for thinking the place here is great and you were blown away with the character of the Riad and you loved the padded leather walls and the amazing breakfast and the common areas. It is most important that the directions are printed off prior arrival as it can be complicated if the taxis dont know where they are going.

Chillout Cengo

Istanbul, Turkey

My mate and I had a fantastic time at Cengo - it's in the very heart of all the action in Taksim, the party centre of Istanbul. If you're coming to Istanbul to go out & have a good time, this is the place to stay. The staff were fantastic - always happy & smiling! There's free wifi in the rooms, laundry service & was quite clean with the exception of a couple of tiny furry friends that we spotted occasionally, but that's Turkey; it happens!


I really loved this hostel. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by one of the friendliest welcomes I've ever had in Europe! The boat is in an AMAZING location next to the East Berlin Gallery, the S & U-Bahn, and a couple of stops from the coolest part of the coolest city in the world - Kreuzberb! I think I got a little lucky as I had a 6 bed dorm basically to myself, otherwise I think the room would've been overly crowded, and 4 of the beds were far to short for my 6'2" frame.

Vita Nova

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I really enjoyed my time on the Vita Nova! I was in Amsterdam for my birthday & wanted a cheap room to myself - and I found it here! I think it was the cheapest hostel in Amsterdam where I could get a room to myself. Just remember when you're booking that you're on a boat, so the rooms are small! The staff were great fun & the common area excellent. The included breakfast was 1 of the best I've had anywhere in Europe. It's also very easy to find & only 10 min walk from Centraal Station & RLD...

B&B Three Turtles Hostel

Split, Croatia

Great hostel in a good part of town. Fun, friendly hosts - highly recommend.

Extol Inn Youth Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Firstly - this ain't no hostel! It's DEFINITELY a hotel! We decided to treat ourselves a little and pay a bit extra to stay somewhere in a private room & we weren't too disappointed. What we were disappointed about was the showers that required you to shower sitting down in a bath, and the fact that the hotel has a gym & spa (that were an additional cost & not working) BUT NO LAUNDRY FACILITY!!!! Breakfast was included & amazing, but make sure you're up early to get it!!

Seventh Heaven Hostel

Krakow, Poland

the staff were excellent and put us in a private double room for the price of the dorm we were supposed to be staying in. In general all of the staff were excellent, helpful and friendly. The location of the hostel is great too - an easy 10 min walk from the Old Town. A quiet hostel - not a party hostel - but there were always people hanging out in the lounge which was cool.

El hostel

Warsaw, Poland

All I can say about this hostel is WOW!!!!!!! From the second you walk in you're immediately blown away by the size, style & warmth that is El Hostel! When we stayed the hostel was apparently only 1 month old & about 98% complete, but it made no difference - this is the best looking & cleanest hostel I've seen anywhere in Europe. The owner that greeted us is well travelled and clearly loves young people - something that is reflected in her amazingly warm hospitality! I can't recommend enough!!!

Vilnius Old Town Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

Interesting set-up - had to walk through other people's bedroom to get into ours, and to get into either bedroom you had to walk under support beams that were about 1.5m high! The lockers were quite tiny too - luckily my laptop is small. Took a while for the staff to warm-up to us, but I guess it wasn't a bad experience seeing all we did was sleep there


Fantastic Hostel - nigh on impossible to fault! Thought the gorgeous girl at reception was a little cold at first, but after chatting to her for a little while she was awesome! The complimentary beer & run-down of the city on arrival was a great touch - I wish backpackers in ever city did this!!!

The Dancing Eesti

Tallinn, Estonia

We had a BALL at the Dancing Eesti! It's in a PERFECT location in Tallin, right in the heart of the Old Town. There's bars & restaurants everywhere around the hostel, so you're never stuck with nothing to do! The staff were absolutely fantastic - and some VERY cute girls working there too! The little secret bar inside the hotel was an awesome way to get to know everyone staying and working there. Next time I'm back in Tallin I know where I'm staying!

Academica Summer Hostel

Helsinki, Finland

By far the cleanest and quietest hostel I have ever been to! The staff were excellent - very friendly and had great local knowledge. The location was a short walk from the beach and bars, not exactly in a party area, but if you're after a quiet, clean hostel, this place is for you!

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ok, so this hostel has a well known reputation as a party hostel. Prepare for it, pack some ear plugs and you'll have a great time! It was cheap, and my room was clean - the only gripe I had was that you couldn't open the windows more than 2 inches & it was hot & humid when I was there. The hostel actually saved my ass when I got stuck one night and it was the only 24hr hostel I could find! All in all, I enjoyed the hostel!

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wow - what a location! This is my first time in Europe, and the location has blown my mind. Yeah, it's about a 25 minute walk from Central Station & Red Light District, but Leidseplein Square is much nicer than the craziness of the RLD. The hostel is nice n quiet, staff were very friendly and helpful with local attractions. Hostel / Room security and the secure luggage storage inside the room are excellent. Free WiFi too! It's a "No Frills" hostel, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.