Reviews: Anonymous

Abbey Court

Dublin, Ireland

This was a nice Hostel and a great way to end my Trip which was from September 13th to September 27th. Great Location near the river and nice walking distance to the spire. It was also great walking distance to St. Patrick's Cathedral and Dublin Castle and The Guiness Storehouse. Staff are gracious, Nice access to computers. Overall I loved it. Will stay here again in the future.

Sheilas Cork Hostel

Cork, Ireland

I really enjoyed my stay here, it's a 25 min walk or in my case a 15 min walk since i'm a fast walker to Cork City Gaol and it's a good walking distance to the English Market, Staff are friendly and helpful, Kate especially was gracious. Good Locker space as well. I will definetly come back again in the future when time permits.

Glasgow Youth Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

I really enjoyed staying here during my UK Leg trip, even though I wasn't in Glasgow all that much, I did sight see in York. Went to Glasgow Cathedral and Walked along Kelvingrove Park. Staff are very friendly enjoyed the Indian Food on my first night.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

This was another fantastic Hostel I stayed at. Great for it being next to Edinburgh Castle, Scotch Whiskey Experience, and near The Hub. Staff were super gracious and it was near a nice quality Pub called The Castle Arms. I would definetly come back again in the future :D. I stayed here September 19th, even though I missed a day due to sightseeing in Cardiff. I will return in the future.


I stayed here 3 weeks ago, September 17th and I absolutely loved it. Very friendly staff, it's close to the Train Station, it's a 5 minute walk from Cardiff Castle, the sight I wanted to see the most in Cardiff. Also Abi, this is for you, you are not only very friendly but a sweetheart as well. I did want to let you know I got to Edinburgh safe and sound even though I missed the trains due to being sidetracked sightseeing. I will return here the next time I'm in Cardiff :D.

The Walrus Hostel

London, England

I really really loved my stay here in London to kick off my UK/Ireland tour. The Hostel was a 5 min walk from Lambeth North Station where I did a ton of my travelling by tube. Though I will be honest, you need to have toilets that won't clog up so easily especially after going number 2, just a piece of constructive criticsm. But other then that, the staff are not only great but know how to have fun with the customers like myself, plus I got to see a good chunk of London. Thank you.