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Excellent hostel! Only open since July, dorms have everything you can think about : reading light, power socket, usb socket, curtain, locker underneath your bed, etc. However, there's no common room nor kitchen, so it's really hard to meet other travellers.

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Ok hostel, but there is no atmosphere! The facilities and the dorms are ok, but the all hostel is really plain, without life. So, don't expect much other than a cheap place to stay in Luxembourg.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Not really an hostel, but more of an hotel. It's really clean, and the facilities are nice, but really hard to meet other travellers because they're a lot of families and group. Also, the dorms are really, really don't have enough space to put everyone back pack on the ground. The organization is alos horrible! I had two different rooms in 3 nights because they mess up my reservation.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Would be a great hostel when the renovation will be over. For now, they is a lack of bathroom and shower for the number of guess (only one bathroom per story and one shower every two stories), and the kitchen is really tiny...but I guess they're working on that. Other then that, lockers in the rooms would be nice. Altough it was in renovation, it was still a good hostel to stay and meet others travellers.


A bit expensive, but a really nice hostel with a lot of charm.You have almost everything you can think about in a hostel. A real kitchen would be nice, but other then that, I've nothing else to say about this hostel.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Amazing hostel! What else can I had??? People are really nice, hostel super clean, facilities awesome, free tours, etc. Hostel every backpackers dream about!

Five Reasons Hostel

Nuremberg, Germany

Nice place to stay. Can be hard to know people because it's also an hotel, but must of the people are really friendly. Very clean hostel, bathroom are amazing and it's right inside the wall. Very cool place to stay!!

The Tent Munich

Munich, Germany

Really nice hostel with a nice atmosphere. You have all the facilities you can think about. For the price, you can easily pay for the tram to get to the center of Munich. Be aware that you'll probably not have that much sleep at this hostel, fire going on till 1am and kids screaming in the tent. Bigger lockers to put our bags in would be nice. All and all, really great hostel. I will return in a heartbeat!

Youthhostel Stein am Rhein

Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

This hostel is very clean and the facilities are great. However, it's a bit far away from the train station (25 minutes of walking) or the city center (15 minutes). Also, it's not really a great place to meet others backpackers. It was only families with small children, crying, screaming et running around. I was put in a room with 2 small children (no really fun). Don't expect to have a great night of sleep! No kitchen and no restaurant around, only meels that you can buy at the hostel...

M&J Hostel

Rome, Italy

The showers should have better curtains or either change the type of shower because after a shower, there's actually water everywhere in the bathroom and it's really disgusting. Also, the floor should be clean more often. I was there for a week and the floor was never cleaned. Also, you should remove the plastic covering the bed. It's really noisy and uncomfortable. Otherwise, the staff was really nice and it's the cheapest hostel around.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

Nice hostel in general, especially the terasse. The kitchen is kind of small, but because it is a small hostel, it's perfectly ok. Really well located and really clean. The rooms are not too big, so it's a really a nice change compare to other hostels.


Really nice hostel and nice tours!