Reviews: stevenbrisley37326

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 24

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Great hostel stay! The atmosphere was very upbeat but the rooms were extremely quiet at night. The lack of wifi in the rooms seemed a bit annoying at first, but the level of quiet in the rooms made walking to the lobby for wifi well worth it. Very clean, spacious, and overall a wonderful place to spend a few days in Munich.


Probably the nicest hostel we stayed at in four months in Europe. The rooms were spacious, beds were comfortable, bathrooms clean. Plenty of outlets, good location, etc. all combined for a great stay!

Lake Como Hostel La Primula

Lake Como, Italy

No customer comment

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Overall we had a very nice stay here. We knew that the hostel was more of a "party" hostel so to speak, and went there with that expectation. The location is great for sightseeing, but a long walk to any decent bars. Additionally, the air conditioning was really quite poor in our rooms, so we ended up sweating through the night (even in early May). Apart from those minor complaints though, the hostel was overall a pretty good place to stay, especially for the cost.

Family Stanos

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Awesome stay! The staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome and at home. Even drove us to the ferry station to catch our boat at the end of our stay (and let us stay 7 hours past checkout so that we could shower before an overnight boat ride).

Blue Danube Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Probably the nicest hostel I've ever stayed at, with a perfect location and very helpful staff. Amazing stay!

Charles Bridge Economic Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Loved our stay! Greatly enjoyed the free water and espressos for the guests and the location was perfect! Thank you so much!

Voss Vandrarheim AS

Voss, Norway

Wonderful stay, just what we needed. Got a bit nervous walking from the train station as it was a bit of a hike, but we found it without too much trouble.

Rembrandt Park House

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great apartment. Dirk was wonderful! A little far from the city, but very relaxing (perfect for amsterdam) and easy to take the tram in to town (about 10 minutes). Very large and included a hearty breakfast.

Spire Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Stayed here for two nights for St. Patrick's weekend. Was pretty expensive for that weekend, but we definitely enjoyed our stay. Very clean, not overly noisy (even on St. Patty's weekend). The location is great, far enough from Temple Bar to not have as much noise and close enough to walk to, even in poor weather. Definitely recommend.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Excellent experience! The rooms were spacious and quiet, the bathrooms were clean, the common room was large and welcoming. Didn't use the kitchen so can't comment about it, but the location was excellent. Great spot to walk to the castle, down High Street, or to the University section for the pubs/bars. Overall, our stay was wonderful.

The Architect Hostel

Seville, Spain

Wonderful hostel located in a perfect location (1 minute walk from Plaza Nueva and 3-4 minutes from El Catedral). Very quiet with comfortable beds, clean linen, clean bathrooms, and 24-hour reception. The lights in the hallway are dimmed at night to make sure that it's dark when people are arriving and departing, and everyone seems to really care about the other people staying here. Towel rental was 2 Euro and the showers/bathroom were spacious and clean. Really enjoyed my stay here!

Sant Jordi Diagonal Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Only negative situation - phone rang continuously from 3am until about 3:50am. Ended up having to get up and unplug the phone as no one on staff was there and it was too loud to sleep in the room next door. Otherwise, great stay!


Excellent service, great location, even ended up with a private bathroom with towels, etc. included for no extra charge! We were able to walk everywhere that we wanted to go within 10 minutes too.