Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 28

Somebody left their baggage on my assigned bed. I had to tell reception and they remade my bed. I like the idea of the hostel set up. I was in the 16 bed dorm the rooms were separated into blocks of four with washrooms at the end of the room. Breakfast is your standard continental with coco pops! I had a small issue with the shower. The lights are sensor and while showering the lights turned off. Mid shower I had to get out and find the sensor. Place was clean, staff were alright.

Chester Backpackers

Chester, England

This was a nice hostel. Lindsay gave you a walk around the Hostel to let you know where everything is located. The hostel is only a short walk away from the bus and train stations (roughly 15mins max) . Waitrose is right next door.

Igloo Backpackers Hostel

Nottingham, England

I liked this hostel. Had a nice homey feel to it. The kitchen was spotless and well organized! Some of the sleeping quarters aren't located in the main hostel. Its just a across the street. I liked the fact that some of the food places give backpackers discounts on meals.

YHA Whitby

Whitby, England

Like all YHA the hostel is superb. The hostel is clean. Staff are excellent. You may have to climb up 199 steps to get to the hostel but the view is amazing. And you are right beside the abbey. There is a place to put your wet stuff.

Backpackers Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

The women who helped me was amazing. She showed me to my room and showed me around the hostel. She also told me where to go and what to see in the area with my allotted time. There are free lockers to use in the room. The hostel is slightly messy but they are trying to correct the situation.

Willy Wallace Hostel

Stirling, Scotland

The staff were excellent. Told me how to get around everywhere. Since I don't like tea and coffee I was also treated to Hot chocolate instead! More hostels need to do that. The location is prefect. Everything you need is right there. I would definitely stay here again!

Inverness Tourist Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

I always stay at this hostel when I'm staying in Inverness. Its got a great location and the staff are friendly. It has exactly what I want. A bed close to the bus and train station

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Thank you for your good review. This is where we are - right in the heart of the city:) Hope to see you next time you are in Inverness!

Fort William Backpackers

Fort William, Scotland

The staff were great! As somebody had the window open to air out there walking stuff, I asked for another blanket and got one. The hostel is close to the city center with a good view. I didn't stay long in the hostel but it had what I needed a bed and hot shower! Plus it was quiet. A place to hang clothes in the shower would be nice.

Inverness Tourist Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

I only stayed one night as i had to catch the bus in the morning. What I liked most about the hostel was the bed. The bed was super compfy with big pillows. I didnt use anything else. Its in a great location. Only a 1 minute walk to the bus station!

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Great Location, Free Wi-Fi. Lots of toilets and shower in the 12-bed dorm. I liked this hostels as it was clean and the staff were friendly. There were only 2 others in the room with me so that was awesome. The view was also amazing. I got to see the Clyde River from my room.

Neptunes Town Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

The hostel was in a good location. Staff was very friendly and informed. Told me loads of places to go and eat. Breakfast was the norm. Showers were hot. Seemed like a very busy and friendly place to stay.


The hostel was spacious, the room was nice and ensuite. I love to hear people brushing their teeth at 8am. The shower wasn't the best as you had to wait awhile for hot water which is fair enough. I understand that it sometimes takes awhile for hot water to come through the taps. The bathroom floor didn't seem very clean as there was tons of hair in the drain and nowhere to put my bath stuff except on the floor. The toilet area was also dusty. Other then that I thought the hostel was good.

Paddy's Palace Hostel Derry

Derry, Northern Ireland

The hostel was clean and friendly. I really did hate using the showers though. The shower would go from scolding hot to cold. I told the staff and they said it waws normal. The hostel was in a good location. Fast interent and the standard free breakfast. The fridges needed to be clean out as i throw out some food with mold on it and chicken that was 2 weeks old and making the fridge smell.

The Linen House Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I had no issues with this hostel. After looking at the reviews I was leery about staying here. It was the cleanest kitchen I have ever seen. With a large hostel is was quiet at night as well. The shower thing would suck when the hostel is completely full. Great location!

London Eye Hostel

London, England

The hostels seemed nice. I really didn't spend much time in it a total of 5 hours. Front desk was nice enough to put me on a bottom bunk when I asked. Also the beds are tiny in height. I couldn't even come close to sitting up in the bed. That was the only bad thing.

Blue Skies Hostel

London, England

The hostel is situated above a pub so I wasn't expecting it to be he greatest place. Plus the price was low. The staff were super nice. The room I stayed in was completely messy. There were no bed sheets on my bed. But first the staff had to find out which bed was mine since all of them seemed occupied. There were popcorn kernels on my bed plus flyers. Staff had to find sheets for me. The hostel didn't seem very clean as in the bathroom there where dirty towels lying around and dirty cups.

Smart Sea View Brighton

Brighton, England

The place seemed really nice compared to most hostels. The location is out of the way from Brighton but a bus ride can easily fix that. The clerk gave me a top bunk (3 bed bunk) when there was only two other people in the room (out of 15) so I had no problem switching to a bottom bunk. Breaky was like all the others cereal and toast.

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

I liked the place. Staff were friendly and tried to help you. The location was good. It's close to the tube and just a short walk away from London bridge. Breaky was the norm. Showers kinda sucked. There's only one shower per level and only two toilets as well. You can end up waiting awhile if you don't want to explore the other levels.