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Location: Mexico, Gender: Male, Age: 38

Mediterranean Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

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Europa Hotel San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

Ok. Not too expensive. You can smell pot when you walk on the aisles. Showers seem to be small for the number of rooms. Great location in the heart of little italy.


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Thank you for choosing Destinations hostels during your visit to London, thank you for your comments.


Well it is a hotel, with more beds in your room... so you get the idea. It's very nice :)

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Hey Hector, thanks for the nice comment =) Cheers, Nikola (reception)

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Everything Oklahoma. Except for those drunken british haha


Good beds, confortable. Nice bathrooms and clean (i mean before being used by guests) Even if i checked "good" in security, since they have passwords in every door, there was a break in my room. 2 girls were robbed. Ipads, phones, cash, etc. We brlieve somebody checked broke the padlocks, in using a fake ID and broke the locks which btw i suggest to bring your own BIG lock when leaving valuable stuff or better don't bring anything!

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Thank you for choosing Destinations hostels during your visit to London, again on behalf of the hostel I would like to apologise for the theft of any belongings from you, we have now stepped up out security, there are big padlocks on each locker, security camera's in all area's of the hostel(no camera's in the toilets/showers). We hope the theft of your belongings will not detract too much from any decision to stay with us in the future, thank you for your comments.

Hostel Rynek 7

Krakow, Poland

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Santorini, Greece

Yes well, it's in the middle of nowhere, but being a small island is also close to Fira and the other side of the island. The 10 room is HUGE, 2 baths, it's ok, i had a good night.

Hotel Efesos

Athens, Greece

Somebody said that they cannot communicate in english, well that's not true. I mean, there is this old dude that doesn't speak but the rest of the staff DO speak english and they are very kind. It's next door to Best Western and pretty well located.

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Thank you very much for choosing my property. I hope you enjoyed your holidays in Greece!!! I hope seen you again in Greece!

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ok, it was funny because almost everyone goes to Amsterdam to get stoned and drunk and yet they stay in a "Christian" hostel haha. My roommates where smocking weed & drinking Whiskey at night (which is forbidden in the hostel), but well i guess that's normal in AMS for what i just wrote. I left my jacket behind and I believe those spanish thiefs (my rommates) took it grrr damn yoU!

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Nice place to stay, happy hour between 7/8 pm. However there's no good beers to drink, just regular ones. WiFi ok, just 1 PC for Internet though. Breakfast was normal.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Very old building, was falling apart. There was a bathroom inside my room with a hole in the door hahaha, i woudn't use that to make a sh*t. Only 1 PC with internet, very old and never got the chance to sit, however there was wi-fi. Kitchen very old and dirty.

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

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