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Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 26

I had a great time staying at this hostel. The staff were great and very helpful. The hostel is in a good location and has a great atmosphere. The lockers have chargers in them which can be handy. The food was good but a bit expensive. The only real negative was the tiny shower squished in with the toilet, but the water was lovely and warm.


This hostel has a great common area with seats to relax in the bar, garden and in the upstairs lounge area. The beds are large and very comfy with big, soft pillows and quilts. The drinks they made at the bar were a bit average but the food was good. The water however was limited to certain times of the day apparently due to government restrictions. Other people in different hostels in Kunming at the same time didn't have this problem, so I'm skeptical as to wether they were telling the truth.

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Hey: Thank you very much for the review and comments. We are so glad to hear you like our hostel . And sorry about limited to certain times of the water .Actuarlly this is the last thing we won't to happen.But we have no choice ,The Yunnan drought is the truth from 2009. Just check with the with "Yunnan drought" ,than you can have all the news about it. Thank you again and best wishes from all of our hostel. KUNMING UPLAND YHA


This is a fantastic hostel. It has a great atmosphere, the staff are great, the beds are comfy and the showers clean.The food at the hostel's cafe is tasty and the balcony area is lovely to relax in. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here!

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

This was a really nice hostel. The staff were great and they had a lot of useful information. The common area was lovely and my room was clean and secure. I enjoyed my stay here.


This was a decent hostel but not amazing. The common area was nice and the toilets and showers were very clean. The staff didn't speak much English, which made it a bit hard. My main problem with the hostel was the dormitory beds. The mattress was very thin so it felt like you were sleeping straight on the boards of the bed. Not comfy at all! Room was warm though and the beds were large.


The staff at this hostel were really friendly and helpful! The showers were nice but you can only get hot water at certain times. Overall I enjoyed my stay here.

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thanks a lot for your feedback. Hot water turns back to be supplied 24hr, as the weather come to be warm. Enjoy your trip.


This hostel was nice and in a good location. My room was very small but well heated. In the common room you were not allowed to eat your own food that you'd bought, which I found odd as the hostel did not supply meals. In general I enjoyed my stay here.


The staff at Kazy were great! They spoke fantastic English and were really helpful. The hostel has a dingy feel and wasn't spotless but the beds, showers and toilets are all clean. The shower is very wam though sometimes a bit low pressure. Kazy is in a great location, right near the main shopping street. Wifi is also good there and importantly for somewhere that cold im winter the heating is good too.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

I loved the great common area and the staff were all great! I really enjoyed my stay here!

Equity Point London

London, England

The toilet/shower in the room didn't have a lock which limited privacy. The 'bar' was tiny and did not have alcoholic drinks. I liked the kitchen, which was clean with many utensils.

Belfast International Youth Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The hostel was very clean and the rooms were nice. The showers and toilets were also well maintained and clean. I thought that the kitchen could have done with a few more pans and cooking utensils. The drawers were also hard to spot so labels would probably help the guests find things easier. Overall though ity is a very good hostel.