Reviews: Anonymous

L'Hotel Particulier

Paris, France

The hotel is superb. It is very safe even I stayed alone. The hotel owner, Daniel is very nice n spent time to tell me where is the good restaurants n the nearby supermarkets. The hotel is very close to Gare de Lyon Exit 1. After u leave the exit, u can go to the hotel in 5 mins. The only thing is that it did not provide free wifi. My solution is to buy a sim card at Orange. I can access to internet via my mobile phone anytime. Hope this info helps

Equity Point London

London, England

The location is good. The bed is clean n they hv the lift. The only thing is that no free wifi is provided.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

The location is very good. However, the wifi is terrible, esp between 6pm and 11:00pm. You cannot use the wifi

Pride of Paddington

London, England

I stayed a couple of hostels in uk n this one is excellent. It is very close to the Tube station. They hv free english breakfast n free wifi. The internet access is very good! The only thing is that as the G/f is the pub. Also, it is close to the train station. It is quite noisy during midnight. The 2nd night i hv to wear ear plugs. Other than that, this hostel in uk is reli value for money


Some of the staff cannot speak English and the manner was quite rude. Fyi. If you want to keep the lugguage in the lugggage room, you have to pay EUR5. Also, the hotel does not have lift and i have to take my lugguage up and down between G/F and 5/F!!

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The staff are not very friendly. However, the location is very good - close to bus station, supermarket, etc.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The location and the staff are very nice. Since there are a lot of backpackers, they may share you some travel info during breakfast or tea time. The only time has to improve is the wifi service. Cheers has 2 buildings (the 2 buildings are very close to each other). If you stay in the non-main buildings (that is the one without receptionist), you cannot get wifi service in your room. you have to go to the main building to enjoy the wifi service

V-GO's Hotel & Guesthouse

Fethiye, Turkey

I strongly recommend the hotel to other travellers. The staff here are very nice. Even though we asked too many questions, they tried their best to answer our questions. We tried the breakfast, lunch and dinner here and they are very yummy too. If you want to find some relax hotel to enjoy your vacation, this hotel should be one of your options.

Artemis Yoruk Hotel

Pamukkale, Turkey

The location here is very good as it is around 5 mins walk to the Pamukkale. The thing that I dislike is the service of the receptionist (who is a fat lady). Her English is very good but when you asked her questions, she was not sincere to answer you the questions. Also, when we check-in the hotel room, she should inform us the time of the bus to other locations in the other day. However, she did not talk to us and therefore we were late to catch the bus.

Urkmez Hotel

Selcuk, Turkey

The staff are very very nice there. When I was in the bus stop and called them to pick us up, they said ok and see them at the bus stop 5 mins later. The breakfast is on the roof and you can see the nice view during breakfast. Also, the breakfast here is very fresh.

Kervansaray Canakkale

Canakkale, Turkey

The location is pretty excellent. It is around 2 mins walk to the bus station and the ferry pier. The staff is also very nice and the English is fluent. I love their breakfast very much as it is very fresh. The only thing that has to improve is during the night time, I socannot get the hot water for shower some of the time