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Saban Pension

Olympos, Turkey

Thıs ıs one of the best hostels I have ever stayed ın. Merel, the owner, ıs so kınd and really cares creatıng a great atmosphere for her guests. The food ıs fantastıc. After weeks and weeks of boıled eggs, ıt was refreshıng to have an omelette for breakfast. Dınners were dıfferent and delıcıous every nıght. There are excellent areas to hang out ın and drınk a few mellow beers wıth your new frıends. Thıs place ıs worth a long, relaxıng stay.

Elifstar Cave Hotel

Goreme, Turkey

The staff was kınd and the breakfast was lovely. Unfortunately, there were a couple of rude guests ın the hostel, and sınce ıt was such close quarters ıt made ıt dıffıcult to sleep.

Istanbul Harmony Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff ıs kınd, the beds comfortable, and the terrace ıs delıghtful.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Wombats ıs the Starbucks of hostels; you walk ın and you know exactly what you are goıng to get. So maybe you pay a lıttle more for that? It was ıdeal for my long layover ın Munıch.

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Hi there! Even if you mean it in a positive way (and I thank you for that :)): WE ARE NOT LIKE STARBUCKS!!!!! We are a chain yes, it is a capitalistic enterprise yes, and far away from those beautiful, cosy, homely hostels with 30 beds and an oven in the living-room, perfect for guitar excesses, YES. BUT WE ARE NOT STARBUCKS!! We are a chain, but as hippie-esque as you can get with such a machine. Forget all the jibjab about wifi - THIS is the WORST insult we had to suffer so far. ;) KIDDING.


This was a great hostel to spend my last night in Europe! The party scene was pretty intense: they offered free alcohol to travelers who stripped at the bar and sprayed the party goers with whipped cream and water. If you're looking for that kind of thing, this is definitely the place to go. The dorms were immaculately clean and they had great, complimentary lockers. There was no real kitchen, but if you really wanted to cook you could use the kitchen at the other Wombats down the street.

Hostel & Guest House SA

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This hostel was incredibly comfortable and owned by a very friendly family. The scene was mellow and quiet, providing a pleasant change from the rowdier hostels I had visited earlier on my trip.

Hostel Miturno

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

The staff is amazing! They totally went above and beyond to make sure I felt at home. The first night I was led on a free, impromptu walking tour. The staff made sure that I was never hungry or thirsty (coffee, ice cream, homemade burek, ice cream, even a little whiskey...) You definitely won't regret booking a stay here.

Hostel Casa Vecchia

Brela, Croatia

This was hands down the most fun I had at a hostel on this trip, maybe ever. The staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming; they were always down for a chat, inviting people to play darts, and happy to serve drinks at the bar. The space is kept incredibly clean and there are lockers to store all of your things. It is evident that the owners really care about making the hostel the best it can be.

Big Yellow House

Novalja, Croatia

Beautiful kitchen (easily the best I have seen so far), friendly staff (hooked me up with a deal to rent a scooter), and super fun. Highlight of my stay was the last night when there was a jazz show in the bar. The rooms are a little packed with people (there really is not any kind of room to lay out your things), but all in all it was a really great stay.

Art Rijeka

Rijeka, Croatia

This was a totally solid hostel: Helpful staff, clean, cute, comfortable beds. Really nice place to stay if you end up spending the night in Rijeka.

DIC Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sometimes you get what you pay for. The staff was friendly and helpful, but the space was pretty industrial. There was also a lot of tagging on the walls of the room. I am not talking about charming decorative tagging. It was more like what you find tagged to a urinal in a high school bathroom. Some of it was actually a little offensive. But, it was a cheap place to stay.