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Bellavista Hostel

Santiago, Chile

We choose the hostel for the location and that is really the only nice thing we can say of the hostel. They have two buildings and one in recently renovated with nice bathrooms and new linens. The other is a nightmare. The linens and rooms are old and musty, the mattress and pillows were stained and linens were so old you could see throw them like paper. The bathroom had a huge hole in the floor of the shower rather than a drain and the shower curtain was moldy. The other building Is ok.


Best hostel! The owner goes above and beyond to help and make you feel comfortable. On top of this they provide small things that cost the nothing but make a huge difference! They clean the rooms daily and provide new towels daily as well as a pitcher of purified water! Also breakfast is included and brought to your room! We felt like we stayed in an expensive hotel not a Hostal!

Goiabada com Queijo Hostel

Ouro Preto, Brazil

Very cute hostel and the staff were great!


It is what it is in New York. Things are overpriced and tiny. However, with that said a place can so small things to stand out like allowing for free luggage storage for guests or providing some small amenities like wifi in the room or free tea and coffee. But this place provides absolutely nothing extra. You pay a lot just like everywhere in Manhattan and you get next to nothing. The staff were very nice though.

Hostel Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

This place is a dump!! It was in the middle of no where! It claims to be somewhat near old town but it's a 30 minute walk (over 5km easily). Also while we were there the water went out and they didnt get it back on for over 2 days. Also even when they have water they only have two showers and two toilets and only one of those bathrooms has hot water!! On top of all this the rooms are gross and have a tiny little electric heater so we froze!! Very cheap and nice people though.

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Hostel Georgia located in the city center ,just 500 meter from central Railway and-bus station"Sadguris moedani" . Due to repair work,was the water turned off for a day in Tbilisi. We have two big air conditional and also each room has small electric heating.

Baroque Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This was a great location and great price! I was really surprised at how nice it was for such a low cost!! I would def stay here again!

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

It was a very nice hostel. Close to everything and very safe.


Great hostel! The front desk staff was really nice! Only downside was that Contiki bus uses them so you get stuck with the dumbasses who still use that company.

A Venice Fish

Venice, Italy

GREAT HOSTEL! GREAT LOCATION! GREAT STAFF! Was one of my favourite hostels I have stayed at in Europe. Super chill and nice common areas. Only bad side is they have a lock out from 10am-12.

Mona Lisa Hostel

Rome, Italy

Nice little hostel but they dont let you in the rooms unitl 4pm which is very annoying. Also they allow any age to stay here!?!? 40 year old guy was there all the time trying to talk to 18-25 year old girls. ITS A HOSTEL FOR YOUTH!!


Barcelona, Spain

Dirtiest place I have ever stayed. The staff was super nice and friendly but this place is dirty.

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

GREAT HOSTEL! The location can not be beat. There is no staff on duty but they come round once a day to check on things and were so friendly and helpful. The bathrooms are newly renovated and very nice. Go there now before they finish the reconstruction on the place next door and have to charge more!!

Hostel Linda City Centre

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I had a great time at this hostel but only because the people I stayed with. the staff sucked and the room smelled of urine.


It was a great little hostel! Its far enough away from the main area that it is quiet but still close enough to walk! The staff was incredibly friendly and nice. We had one minor problem that the hot water went out while we were there but they had it fixed within a few hours. If you are looking for a party place this is not it! Its more just chill and relaxed atmosphere. Overall I was really happy!