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A Wild Elephants Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

A nice recently opened hostel who is still sorting the final details out. The location couldn't be any better, it's right in the middle of everything, and since the place is brand new, everything is working perfectly. The atmosphere is kind of cold, but this could be said of Bratislava as a whole so it's not exactly the place's fault. If you are staying with them, pay attention closely to the "how to get to" instructions as it's somewhat hard to find them. But overall a nice place.

Phoenix Hostel

London, England

While it's not located in an exactly central location, if you know London a bit will get around easily. It looks a bit run down but it doesn't mean it's not clean or charming. Everything works ok and the staff is helpful enough. As I only stayed one night, cannot tell much about the atmosphere but it's definitely a good choice for the price.

Dolce Vita Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

Possibly the nicest staff I've ever seen. Very comfortable and spaceful.

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Thank you! See you next time!

Hostel Lodi

Rome, Italy

I wish I could give 6 stars to the hostel's staff. I've never seen a so kind staff in any of the places I stayed. But be aware of the location, not that it's too distant from the city's center, but the place is kind of difficult to find. You can ask the guys for directions by phone when you arrive, the place doesn't appear in most of the city maps.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

The location is fantastic, staff are very kind. I'd just advice you to avoid the 11-bed dorm. The street is very noisy all the time (we're in Ireland, pubs all crowded all the days of the week) and the walls seem to be paper thin.


London, England

Cool character, no complaints about the staff. It's a huge hostel so you can't expect something more personal and friendly.

Reykjavik City Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

One of the best, most clean and coziest hostels i've ever been. Like the whole Iceland, everything works well, people are kind, there are plenty options of fun. The only not so good remark is the fact that they are not located in the center, just outside it. This wouldn't be a problem in anywhere else in world, but walking under the icelandic cold wind is really bad, since the buses are not quite often Reykjavik. But still so is a very good choice.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

The location is fantastic. The bad thing is that this kind of hostel, so huge, is very unpersonal and difficult to make friends. The staff are not so kind, except for one or two guys, what helps to make the atmosphere somewhat cold. There are toilets and showers in every dorm, and that`s quite good. Bed linens are free. The free wi-fi internet in the bar is still usable, but very slow.