Reviews: turkcecen

Location: Turkey, Gender: Male, Age: 32

Igdlo Guesthouse

Reykjavik, Iceland

Very nice accommodation and a very nice stay for 2 days. I would definitely come back to this guest house when in Reykjavik.

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Excellent hostel. Highly recommended.

Lagoon Backpackers

Buzios, Brazil

Nice hostel. They have an onsite dj so if your looking to have a good nights sleep then this place may not be for you.

Yolo Hostel Buzios

Buzios, Brazil

Great hostel. Nice swimming pool. Close to the beach and good rooms. Tom was great and I would stay again. Big up from London!

Paraty Beach Hostel

Paraty, Brazil

Nice location. However, the toilets and showers are very dirty. Personally, I wouldnt stay there again.

Backpackers Share House Floripa

Florianopolis, Brazil

Excellent hostel. 2 days turned into 4 very quickly and I wish could have stayed longer. Excellent.

The Hostel-Inn Iguazu Falls

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Nice place and good hostel. Bad points: One electric socket per room Wifi doesnt work properly unless your in the "wifi lounge" Some staff just cant be arsed. They find it a burden to help you although one of the night staff ladies was very helpful.

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Overall a good hostel.

Miami Hostel

Miami, USA

Owners and staff are quite rude. Our room had 1 bathroom between 12 people and when I asked if I could use the bathroom in another room to brush my teeth, Derek (a worker), rudely told that I could not and this was house rules and if I had a problem with this I would need to speak to the owners. I also know that a couple of people got chucked out of the hostel for talking too loudly (im serious) in out of hours talking time!!! Its an OK place but they are too serious and need to chill a bit.

Bed & Breakfast Garden

Cancun, Mexico

A good place to stay. Philipe was very helpful. I would recommend.

Best Holidays Venice

Venice, Italy

We had a little issue about using one of the showers. The dude looking after the place got really pissed off because we used it by mistake. Personally, I wouldn't stay here again and bring mosquito repellent otherwise you will get eaten alive!!!

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Its an OK place. Staff were OK but i've stayed in better hostels.