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Location: France, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Oxford Backpackers Hostel

Oxford, England

i stayed in this hostel a few years ago, and the hostel staff was a lot more friendly and the hostel was so much cleaner too ! the toilets and showers are disgusting !

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Thank you for the feedback. As we have a newly renovated kitchen, joining common room and bathrooms, we find it interesting you found the hostel much cleaner a few years ago when everything was in dire need of renovating. The volunteers are all travelers and are keen to meet new people and share stories. Its unfortunate you found this was not the case.


The staff is VERY nice, the showers are really hot, it's such a + in South America. The kitchen is quite tiny and not too well equiped. The hostel was VERY cold ! we were wearing our jackets at all time. And even though the staff is trying hard to make this hostel fun, there is not much going on. Unless you take a dorm, the privates are quite expensive 75 soles/night I would recommend this hostel with a good jacket and good group of friend.

El Curichal Hostel

Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

The staff (Jessy) was very nice, the room was okay but no hot water in the bathroom. We had a bbq night at the hostel which was quite good. Its a little out of the center. and the internet connexion is quite slow we had to go to an internet cafe. But i think all the hostels in Rurre are pretty similar, this is not a bad one.


Wifi not working, tiny kitchen open from 3pm only. bad organisation from the owners, freezing cold, and Boring as hell ! not a good backpacker place AT ALL


Amazing massive beds with 5 warm blankets for the cold nights. The hostel itself is really cold, we were wearing our coats all the time, very good location, nice staff, poor breakfast, stale bred and jam, tea coffee. No internet! Its an okay hostel nothing amazing.

Delirio Hostel

Vina del Mar, Chile

the hostel il about 20 walk to the town center.

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Hi Armonie. Thank you for giving us your feedback. We are are really sorry about this having affected you and we are carefully checking our procedures to avoid any future problems related to this issue. Unfortunately, as you might know, this is considered a plague worldwide and many lodgings have to deal with it constantly . In spite of this, we hope you had a positive experience overall, as we are always willing to provide our guests our best.

Hostal Caracol

Valparaiso, Chile

Good hostel, good beds, great bathrooms and kitchen, staff is so helpfull, but a good 20 min walk to the town is not handy at night

Dominica Hostel Santiago

Santiago, Chile

clean hostel, the dorms are very private, beds very comfy, hot water at all time, a little cold in the common areas, good crowd, can get a little noisy at night because we are very close to the busy pio nono street, but it was okay. i´d recommend this hostel. Ask to do the grafiti tour with Ian and Dan, its a MUST do

Hostel Internacional Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina

The staff was very nice, and the hostel has great tours. Very good security at the door and Great Breakfast. No wifi in the bedroom, and the bedside lamps where not working, 1 plug in total for a 6 beds dorm was not enough and the bedroom is SO small you walk onto people stuff, We were in room 4 venezuela which was next to the bar door and it got quite noisy sometime. A part from that i suppose its an okay hostel ..


We stayed a week in the hostel. the room was nice and there was a lot of space. The bathroom was good too. Breakfast was okay, the hostel has a great setting, its nice and comfy. Definitely not a party hostel, people stay in the living room watching football on tv. It can get quite boring sometimes. The wifi was good and the kitchen too. Good to relax i suppose.

Pousada Leste

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is not a hostel, you rent a private room, and you share a good bathroom and a good kitchen with another private room. It's very clean and safe, its about 10 min walk from the metro L3 and 2 min from a supermarket, but quite far from the city center (where young people go out) It is definitely worth travelling a bit more to save money as this is very good value for money. The lady was professional i suppose but not friendly. No maps or informations about the city.

Paraty Central Hostel

Paraty, Brazil

We stayed 2 nights in the hostel, the staff was very friendly, its a cute little hostel, you've got everything you need in the kitchen, the showers could be better but its ok, its 5 min walk to bus station 5min to historical center 5min to the ocean, very conveniant, internet is a little slow but we generally would go back there :)

Studio Beach Hostel

Ilha Grande, Brazil

This hostel is a very cute family hostel. with around 40 beds only, you kind of feel like at home, especially at breakfast time. The owner is such a kind man, the kitchen is decent, you've got what you need. internet is quite slow but i think its everywhere on the island, and the showers could be warmer, they also make dinners for r$13. We had a really good time there, we highly recommend it :)

Iguazu Waterfalls Hostel

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

We stayed 2 nights in the hostel. It doesnt have a kitchen, the bar doesnt open, and they dont serve food as the board says. the lady at the reception was not friendly at all and could not even tell us how to get to the Iguazu falls, we had to go to the tourist office to get informations about the town and the falls. the hostel is very boring, not hot water. but the place is clean. we would not stay there again

Hotel Bolivar

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have stayed in about 4 different hostels in BA, and this is by far the worst, the doors lockers are not secure at all, room without windows make you feel like in a prison, no wifi in the rooms, and in the common room the connection keeps cutting, the place is cheap but there isnt breakfast in the morning and there is nothing in the kitchen to cook your on meals. The staff is okay, bathrooms not practical. I wouldnt go back there.

Oxford Backpackers Hostel

Oxford, England

I had an awesome time at the Oxford Backpackers, we had drinks at the bar and then went out clubbing, the staff is very friendly and the place is very clean.

The College Lawn Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

well well ... I suppose you only pay $24 which is cheaper than cheap ! But .... where to start ? we booked a 4 beds dorm for 4 of us and when we walked in someone was already in there .. as this guy was actually a permanent resident of the hostel, god knows where he stayed that night but his belongings stayed in the room with us !! the door does not lock and the showers are incredibly disgusting, staff were pretty useless,we've stayed in a few hostels before & this one is definitely the WORST