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Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Location is excellent, right in the heart of the city nearby the Blue Mosque and Aya Sofia. Bathrooms and rooms are clean, albeit not very spacious. Rooftop bar is an asset with nicely decorated furniture. Breakfast is more than average. Once ranked the best hostel in the world, I wouldn't think that is still the case but it still is quite good, with an excellent value for money.


Family run hostel in Göreme inside an actual rock. Nice and small place with friendly personnel, gladly helping you out for activities such as balloon rides, ATV tours and bike rental. Good location (2min walk from the bus station) and good facilities. Rooms are inside the rock, which makes it refreshlingly cool.

Istiklal Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The owner of the place was lovely (in a Turkish manner of course!) and very helpful. Location is excellent, within a 2 minute walk from the Sultahnamet tram station in the center of the city. Rooms were good with clean bathrooms, there were only too many people for only one bathroom (10:1). Rooftop lounge was relaxing with free tea 24/7.

Pagration Youth Hostel

Athens, Greece

Hostel is located far from the center and impossible to reach without walking. Personnel were friendly and helpful (they were all foreigners themselves). Good hostel in case you're on a budget and you don't mind the long walk home.

Old Town Hostel West Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. It's just amazing what they have to offer: spacious rooms, fantastic location, the nicest staff, clean bathrooms, many day trips, and it's all still relatively cheap. Although everything is practically the same in both wings, I prefer the east wing as the house in the east wing has a bit mroe character.

Hostel Majdas

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

A small hostel with a small but cosy common room. Home made iced tea and cake at arrival! Staff is very kind and helpful. Everything is nice and tidy, even the bathrooms, which has many toilets and showers!

Dubrovnik Backpackers Club

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Family-run hostel in a village nearby Dubrovnik (4-5 km). Enthusiastic personnel, gladly helping you out for organizing activities such as scuba diving.

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

The newer wing of the hostel, which lacks the authenticity of the older wing. Apart from that, exactly the same organisation as the west wing, which makes it one of the best hostels there are in Europe.

Doors Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

If I had to describe this hostel in one word, it would be RELAX. The staff is really nice and helpful (George is the man!), the location is excellent (5 minute walk to the big square) although it looks a bit dodgy with street dogs and gipsies occassionally walking by. There aren't many rooms in this hostel, which makes it interesting to meet other people. Dorms and bathrooms are very clean to Romanian standards. If you go to Bucharest, do not hesitate and go to the Doors hostel.


This is by far the worst hostel experience I've ever had. The name of this place is quite misleading: - It is not meant for backpackers - It is not a villa - It is certainly not a hostel The place is full of South-Koreans who barely speak English so meeting other people was pretty much impossible. The atmosphere wasn't good either.

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. It's a small but cosy place with an excellent atmosphere. Free food and drinks where everyone sits together (I'm not joking) in the living room. Location is excellent too, it's very close to pretty much everything in the city.

New World St. Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Excellent location in the middle of the fanciest street of the city with a 'place-m'as-tu vu' spirit! Although there are many rooms in the hostel, the place on itself is quite small (few bathrooms either). Staff was not that friendly but helpful if you insisted. I would recommend going there for the facilities and the location but not so much for hanging out there.

Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

Probably one of the best hostels in New York. Although situated in Queens, there is a subway 50m that has a good connection to Manhattan. 24/7 reception is a plus, (female) staff was friendly (but not the friendliness you get in European hostels). Rooms are small but you don't really want to stay in your hostel room in New York don't you? Bunk beds were quite wobbly, each movement from the guy above me felt like an earthquake. Bathroom in each room was very spacious and clean.


The female staff was friendly and gave suggestions for sightseeing in Boston. Although the location is horrible (the street could be the scene of a horror movie at night), there is a shuttle every 30 minutes to the subway station. The hostel advertises for having a bar but it isn't really. Although there were many people in the common room, everyone just sat there looking at their computer screen which made it a fairly dull place. Dorms were small (but sufficient), not enough bathrooms.

The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

Not the place for backpackers, difficult to meet other travelers (because of the diversity of people: many hipsters and many middle-aged people). Location was a bit shabby, luckily 2-3 blocks from the subway. Disregarding the high price, the hostel was nicely decorated in a cool building, the rooms were very spacious and the bathroom was very clean. I had expected a better breakfast.


Weirdest 'hostel' I have ever stayed at. Although there are many flaws, it's a pretty cool place to stay at if you're somewhat open minded. The host is nice, he takes his time to show you around and give suggestions on events in town.

Grand Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

I can understand why this hostel has received so many awards. Fantastic place to stay at: the staff is kind and multilingual. The bar is a very good place to meet other travelers and the bartender joined the conversations, which was really nice. I have stayed in both 6 bed dorms and 3 bed dorms (with my own balcony!!), and I felt very comfortable in both rooms. The only downside was that the 3 bed dorms didn't have its own bathroom. The shared bathroom didn't allow much privacy.


Vienna, Austria

I wouldn't call this place a hostel, it's more like sharing an appartment with your sister - that does all your work - which is really nice. I immediately felt at home in this astonishing place. Can't get any better, apart from cooling the rooms during hot summer months. Besides that, myMOjOvie will probably be better than your own place.

Adrenaline-Check Eco Place

Bovec, Slovenia

A unique place to stay, just 20 meters from the Soca river. You shouldn't go there for the accomodation (cleanliness is something to work on). The personnel is very kind. Lots of activities too, although it's pretty expensive (consider others). Wheels are recommended, because this place is situated somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Traveller's Haven

Bled, Slovenia

The receptionist, Andrea, was really nice and helpful. She makes guest feel welcome. Some nice people staying there too. Definitely one of the best places to spend at when going to Bled.