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Globe Backpackers Exeter

Exeter, England

Good location and free wifi. Slightly annoyed with being charged 50p to pay by card, surely a common method in the UK! But otherwise an average hostel.

Bunkhouse Plus

Weymouth, England

Very clean hostel, although we were the only people here so to be expected! Free wifi is nice, but no soap! Can it cost so much to provide soap?

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Hi. We are glad you had a great stay with us and we hope to see you again in the future. The subject of soap has come up before in reviews. We used to do this and had a major problem of soap being taken into showers, going missing etc. which meant we were replacing soap/towels throughout a day! So rather having to allow for a price increase in beds and on advice from our 'Visit England' assessor we replaced all soap with hygienic hand gel dispensers in all washrooms

790 on George

Sydney, Australia

No customer comment

Beatty Lodge

Perth, Australia

Had an upgrade to a private room for the whole week we stayed at no extra cost. Very impressed! The hostel itself was ok, free internet would have been nice.

Transit Backpackers

Hobart, Australia

I like this hostel. I have only given cleanliness a very poor mark because soap is not provided in the bathrooms, making the chances very high that the majority of people go without (or buy from reception). This is sheer profiteering from the hostel, I mean really, how much is soap??? Therefore I am sure that germs are spread all through the hostel. Disgusting!

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Hi, Thanks for your comments, we've provided soap before but someone always steals it, so buying from reception at 50 cents or bringing your own become the preferred option to most of our guests. Our hostel is cleaned and disinfected daily so germs are kept to a minimum.

Transit Backpackers

Hobart, Australia

Window is broken in room 12, so it was freezing in the room. had to wear a jacket to bed! however, the staff were great, providing a refund at short notice. atmosphere was also very good.

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Dear Guest Thank you so much for your review and bringing the broken window to our attention, we do apologise for any discomfort you experienced during your stay, we hope to see you back here some time soon!

The Corkman Irish Pub

Melbourne, Australia

Excellent book exchange. However, it is quite far from the centre and the bunk beds are in a dangerous condition.

Irish Murphys Geelong

Geelong, Australia

Free wifi is a refreshing change of pace! The kitchen is poorly equipped, and only one person can cook at a time. However, we were upgraded to a private for no extra cost, and it is located close to the train station. Cannot comment on the atmosphere, as we were the only people staying (or at least hanging out in the hostel).

Home at The Mansion

Melbourne, Australia

Very much a hostel for people planning on staying for a long time, which makes it difficult to integrate with established friendship groups. Very expensive for what you get compared to other Melbourne hostels. As always, charging for wifi is greedy!

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Thanks for your response! We don't really have that many long term guests staying here and the ones that are here are actually really nice people! We introduced free W-Fi before and it totally spoiled the vibe of the hostel, plus there are loads of free internet spots around which we openly tell people about. I suggest booking a hostel with free Wi-Fi in the future if it is essential for your needs :-) Safe travels!

Urban Central

Melbourne, Australia

Security was very questionable. despite being issued key cards, it appears anybody can access your room at any time. we had a drunk guy come in at 4am, turn lights on to discover he was in the wrong room, so pointless key cards. however, the breakfast was good, like that OJ is provided, but i guess it is built into the price! as always, charging for wifi is very greedy!

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Thank you for your review. Our room key system only allows registered guests into their own rooms, we will be looking into this issue immediately. Glad you enjoyed our complimentary breakfast, some mornings we have pancakes as well.


Sigulda, Latvia

Not a hostel, rather a hotel. therefore zero atmosphere. also take care when booking with the expected arrival time. the first time i have ever booked a hostel which used this information. we had to wait around for 2 hours as the owner was not there when we arrived at 1pm!

Seagulls Garret Hostel

Riga, Latvia

The hostel is average. a couple annoying points, the toilets always run out of toilet paper in the evenings. and the kitchen has a dishwasher, which means that nobody ever does any washing up. as the dishwasher, it seems, is rarely turned on, you have to fish dirty dishes out of the machine to use them, and then rewash after!

Jimmy Jumps House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

great location. free breakfast. nice atmosphere.


Tartu, Estonia

great place, great location, very clean. staff nice and helpful. thanks a lot, def recommend! would love to come back one day :)

The Dancing Eesti

Tallinn, Estonia

cheap is cheap. for 8 euros a night the place is great, in the middle of old town. great atmosphere, but you get what you pay for

Backpackers Göteborg

Gothenburg, Sweden

the place is fine, tad expensive.

Lazy River Hostel

Loket, Czech Republic

best hostel i have stayed in by a country mile! much like a second home, ask about the walk to the cross!

Aloha Hostel

Paris, France

No customer comment

Globe Backpackers Plymouth

Plymouth, England

No customer comment