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Location: Belgium, Gender: Male, Age: 47

Fenomen Hostel

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Great atmosphere, great staff!! It’s a bit far away from the station, though: a 30 minutes walk.

Hostel Shelter

Lviv, Ukraine

Pretty bad. I arrived by night train, and had selected ‘7 AM’ for ‘Arrival time’ (there wasn’t a more limited list like you would sometimes see + there’s no mention in their description about any reception hours) So, I arrive at their door, 7 AM, on a cold November morning: No answer. I call them. They tell me they don’t understand why I’m there because the hostel opens “at 10h, maybe 11h”, and that I will have to wait outside. I visited ± 6 other hostels and found a vacant bed an hour later.

Boomerang Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

No lockers.

Elysia Hostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Doors Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Great atmosphere, VERY helpful and friendly staff. I did have some bad luck with my locker in the dorm: It didn’t always lock well. And it wasn’t clearly noticeable when, or when not, it was securely closed. Some guy apparently tried the lockers when no one else was in the dorm, noticed mine wasn’t completely locked, found some valuables, and instantly left the hostel with them, without even paying for his stay. I must stay the staff was very helpful in sorting things out with the local police.

Tapok Hostel

Chisinau, Moldova

Great staff!

The Babushka Grand Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

No customer comment


Highly recommended! I was at the Hotel Deauville just one night + a day, on a stopover, but felt very welcome and at home right away. Very friendly and helpful staff, which BTW also speaks French and Spanish.

Gogol-Mogol Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Very relaxed little hostel out of the center, but close to the metro. Homely atmosphere (it's actually somebody's apartment) and great staff.

Apple Hostel Italy

St Petersburg, Russia

No customer comment

DREAM House hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

Great hostel. Been there more than a week, and then returned afterwards for another few days. It’s shiny and new, and parts of it still under construction (the kitchen), but will even better when everything is finished.


Great hostel. Too bad there was a lot of noise in the corridors (teens running around) till way past midnight. I think lowering the lights in the corridors after 22h would help (they would send the message: "this is a quiet zone - people might be sleeping")

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Deat Gunter, thanks for your comment and your advice. We are trying our best to keep the hotel calm during the night. Please tell us next time at the same time that we have the chance to solve the problem immediately. Hopefully you give us a second chance for a better impression! Best wishes, your MEININGER-Staff


Antwerp, Belgium

Excellent hostel! Few small remarks though: a better wifi signal in the lounge would be nice (there's no reception now, not for computers nor devices) and why doesn't the tv have cable? (I wouldn't worry too much about it playing all the time. Tv and tv area are too small and cornered for it to be switched on all the time as background-noise-nobody-is-actually-watching tv. Ah, and lockers in (or near) the dorms on the first floor plz.