Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Age: 38

Overall it's a good place. A few things you may want to know. They don't have self serve laundry and the common areas aren't available starting at noon and midnight for cleaning (I believe for 2 hours but not sure). The cafe, which is part of the hostel and is just outside is very convenient .

ACBB Hostel Niagara

Niagara Falls, Canada

The Good: Location, Price, Most of the Staff. The Bad: A bit chilly inside. The Ugly: When I went to pay my bill I asked if it included the deposit. Patrick basically flipped out. "Really? Really? You're paying how much?" Call me crazy but I think when a business takes a deposit, they should offer to return it be it 1 cent or $1000. Now I know not everyone counts their nickels and dimes. But at the very least you shouldn't insinuate that a client is cheap for asking! Yes, really!