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Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 31

Muzik Xining

Taipei, Taiwan

This place was great!


I really appreciated they let me hang out in the common room all afternoon after I'd checked out, I was too tired to do any more sightseeing! The wifi was great and there were small lockers (no locks) in the room. It's very conveniently close to Termini, although I feel like this side of Termini is a bit sketchy. The shower was either cold it freezing which wasn't fun. I really appreciated the air con in the room!

Tasso Hostel

Florence, Italy

This is a beautiful, atmospheric building with a nice big common room. The location is really nice, too. One of the girls was the nicest staff I encountered in my whole Italy trip! (The other one, not so much) The breakfast was nice and it was great to have a free choice of coffee made for you in the morning. I had to give it three stars for facilities because the shower was cold and the wifi was only in the common room, and not always working. But I would go back anyway!!!


Venice, Italy

This place wasn't too bad. It's in a great location. I think it's an apartment, not a hostel. It was a bit weird how I booked a 4 person female dorm and ended up sleeping on an uncomfortable cot in a room with a double bed, the two girls sleeping together in the double bed had also booked a 4 person female dorm. Anyway, the guy was nice, it's pretty clean and the location is great - a few minutes walk from the station and right on the water! I'd go back in a pinch.

Anadin Female Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This place is in a great location. It's an old apartment full of beds, which means it can be cozy but can also be noisy because you can hear every creaky door opening and shutting. The owner is super nice but she's not there much, although she answers emails quite quickly. The bathrooms are usable but not great. Some of the permanent guests are a bit annoying. Overall, this is a decent hostel and I like the all female idea.

Hotel Cervia

Rome, Italy

Awesome value for a single room and a lovely area of town. Very recommended!


I had paid for two nights but left after one. Be well aware what you are getting into - this is a tacky party campground very far from everything and populated by tour buses (four buses at least when I was there!) of drunk Brits. It's extremely noisy and you need to walk 5+ minutes to get to the bathroom or a wifi area. You might pay less for a room, but you'll spend more in the overpriced 'supermarket' or restaurant because you can't get to anything. My advice is to avoid this place!

Ciak Hostel

Rome, Italy

This place is cheap and central, you can walk down to the Colesium and on into the city centre in like ten minutes. I don't think it's fair to market Ciak Hostel and the other building, Secret Garden, as the same place. You reserve with Ciak but then after booking are informed you are in the other building away from the better facilities and atmosphere. Anyway, it's a pretty decent place for the price. I would stay again in a pinch.


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The Local NYC

New York, USA

I really enjoyed my stay here. It is a big hostel, but all of the desk staff I interacted with were really nice and helpful, although the bar tender very isn't friendly. It's very clean and the beds are very nice, with individual lights and outlets. It's not in the poshest area of the city but I felt safe there. It's easy to find, near the metro, with a beautiful NY skyline in the background. I would stay here again!


I had booked and paid for a dorm with an ensuite bathroom, but to accommodate other guests I was moved to another room mid-stay. The first room was great but the second room was at the back, dirty, without wifi, and shared the toilet and one shower (which was accessible to anyone) with at least one Chinese family. A few girls in my dorm had also been moved or downgraded. Make sure you ask specific questions if they mention a move at check-in. I wouldn't recommend or go back.

Okinawa Sora House

Okinawa, Japan

Great location, five minutes to the ferry and monorail. The main floor is very clean, but the female dorm is just off the common room and is -extremely- noisy. There's even instruments people are encouraged to play - until midnight! The desk is unmanned from 12 so no one is there to enforce quiet hours or stop anyone from entering if one of the 10 girls forgets to lock the door. This guesthouse needs to improve its security measures and considerations to international, not Japanese, standards.


Santorini, Greece

There are good and not good points. Beautiful, spotless, atmospheric rooms. Friendly staff and beautiful grounds, nice (clean!) pool. Easy 20 min walk into town, easy on a motorbike. Reception is only open about 9-9/10, no breakfast for early starters (museums close at 3). A bit iffey to arrive late off a night ferry and just have your key tacked to the main door. But then the reasonable price means they can't have 24 hr staff. Noisy dogs annoyed me but I dislike dogs. Overall, would recommend!

Boomerang Guesthouse

Selcuk, Turkey

I really enjoyed my stay here. The owner told me they refurbished everything a few years ago and I believe it, everything (floors, bathroom, windows, etc) looks very new. The owner is very nice and the terrace and breakfast were great. It's very close to the bus station but in an area with a little more character than the other hotels. I stayed in a private but the dorm looked nice, it was in the basement but that would be cool in the summer I think. I would definitely recommend.

Arkadas Pansiyon

Pamukkale, Turkey

What a beautiful little place! The owner is the sweetest woman and the terrace is beautiful, grape vines overhead and a spring underneath. A five minute walk to the limestone travestines! I arrived off my night bus and she served me tea in the lobby and cleaned the room so I could check in at 8 am. We saw a girl from our previous hostel on the street and the owner invited her in for tea as well. The bathroom was a little basic but the cheapest private room of my trip with tons of character!!!


This place has good and bad points. The staff were very nice and the breakfast was great. It was easy to meet people in the nice common area and around the pool/ping pong tables. Unfortunately I didn't feel secure here - the entrance to the female dorm is outside and the door didn't lock automatically, and some of my roommates kept leaving the door unlocked. Also, no towels or locks available, and no wifi in the female dorm. Overall not a bad place but they need to improve basic facilities a bit

Old City Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great hostel! The facilities were excellent - free towels, hair dryer in the dorm, free lock/locker. The only very minor downside is that's its very central, a five minute walk from the Blue Mosque and all that, which is very convenient but means you get hassled by restaurant touts when you walk out the door. The staff are also incredibly helpful. Definitely recommend!!!


This hostel is right amongst the Beijing hutong, so if you did a quick 2 day trip from somewhere else in China like I did, you can check that off your list! It's got a great atmosphere and a lot of character, although there is only one front desk staff so she seemed a bit sleep-deprived and cranky at times. I was a solo single traveler so wasn't very impressed with being put in a shared room with 3 other guys, but I guess I did book late. Overall I would recommend it.

Pandora after 80s

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The hostel had a great view and had lots of shops and restaurants around. The bed and common room was very clean, the bathroom was clean but very small. It was a little bit hard to find but very close to a central metro station once you knew where it was. The only staff was nice but won't tell you important information (the entrance code to the building, that he's keeping your passport, there's drinks in the fridge, etc) unless you ask. I'd recommend it, but make sure you ask questions!!!

All Days Hostel

Toronto, Canada

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