Reviews: edsander

Location: Netherlands, Gender: Male, Age: 45

West Lake Youth House

Hangzhou, China

Overall certainly not a bad place to stay in, very close to West Lake. However, there were two issues I had with this place. First, it's next to a primary school that on certain days have musical instrument training outside ... right under our window. and they are no Mozarts. Second, although the staff is okay I missed a lot of services I have come to expect of hostels in China. No help booking bus tickets and you have to do your own laundry. These two letdowns result in a rating of 'average'.

No Kidd Inn

Yangshuo, China

Bathroom only had hot water and a missing lid on the toilet water reservoir do you had to flush by pushing your hand in the water. Smell of wet chalk walls and tiles coming off the wall. People who were given a wrong keycard walking into your room. Don't rent bikes here if you want to do serious biking outside Yangshuo. Of the 5 mountain bikes 4 had technical problems. The staff are nice when you can distract them from their video games and DVD's and refunded some money for the bikes.

Han Tang House

Xi'an, China

My only complaint would be that the walls and windows are a bit thin so you can hear lots of noise from the street and neighbours. Besides that it's an excellent place.

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Thank you for trusting hangatnghouse and speaking highly of us, we are very honored. We are so sorry about the noisy came from windows.All the staff hope you have a nice time and have a good memory here. Great greeting and best wishes.


I should have looked at the description more than just the price and the ratings. This hostel is really for the party people and not for those like us who are up and about the whole day and just want a place to crash during the night. The room in the front suffer from constant noise of sirens from the street and on Thursday we were kept awake by the noisy guests. We hardly got any sleep that night. The included simple breakfast was nice.

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hello I'm sorry your stay wasn't what you were hoping for. We do advertise ourselves as a youth hostel. The sirens are unfortunately due to the fact that there is a hospital only a few minutes away. We do apologize for it and we are trying to increase our sound proofing. I hope the rest of your stay wasn't to bad. Safe travels. Hostel team


Utrecht, Netherlands

A lovely little hostel on the northern edge of the city centre with a helpful and friendly owner. Clean and with a simple but nice breakfast in the morning.


An enjoyable hostel to stay in. Relaxed atmosphere in the lounge/restaurant (though the jazz music was not always my cup of tea) and reasonable food. The room could use some repairs since some things were broken but the decorations in the room were tastefully done. The staff is very nice and even offered me free dumplings (jiaozi) on Saturday evening (unfortunately I had already eaten).

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Hi, Thanks so much for your feedback,YangtzeRiver has been under construction for almoe almost one month and we have already fixed and decorated the room,even the whole hostel,we will keep the good atmosphere and do better in the future,wish to see you again and more pepole will like us. Best wishes ANNIE

365 Inn

Beijing, China

A nice, good value-for-money hostel in a nice area. After some issues with the heating in our room (heating is only turned on between 10 PM and 6AM) and a broken airconditioning, followed by some typical Chinese 'mei ban fa' (nothing we can do), we were offered an new room. Rest of the stay was very pleasant. Rooms are simple but there's a nice restaurant, free wifi, lockers for valuables, the works. Doors are paper-thin though and we woke up several times because of noise. Recommended.

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How do you think of "mei ban fa"?(nothing we can do). But we DID provide you a new and nice room in the SECOND floor on the day you checked in. IS THAT "MEI BAN FA"?It is not the rest of your stay "was very pleasant". It is the whole of your stay, coz you got a new room on the day you checked in. PLEASE TELL THE TRUTH! GOD WILL BLESS YOU! THANK YOU

Zhuo Ma's Jiuzhaigou Home-Stay

Jiuzhaigou, China

I find this place overrated. Yes, Ama is a lovely person and some of the Tibetan decorations are atmospheric. But compared to Chinese hostels I stayed in which were half the price this is a bit of a dump. It's not incredibly clean (my pillow smelled of old sweat), it's in a nice valley but 10 miles away from the park with no easy transport. Ama's sons can bring you, but will have you meet them at their overpriced restaurant hoping you'll grab a bite, avoiding Ama's extremely simple food.

Lete Youth Hostel

Xining, China

The hostel is a bit removed from the main center but close to the remains of the Xining city walls. There's nice western breakfast and Italian dinner and a good drinks list. It's located at the 15th and 16th floor or an apartment building with a guard. Rooms are clean and staff are helpfull. The double room we had was worthy of hotel standards.


Located at the south shore of Qinghai Lake, with not much to do in the direct area. There is one restaurant nearby, which is even more extortionately expensive than the food at hostel (sometimes as much as 3 times what I'm used to paying). Breakfast consists of steamed (microwaved) bread and veggies. There was no running water in the toilets and the courtyard was being re-paved. I found some of the staff rather uninterested and the old lady that seems to be in charge downright unpleasant.