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Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

Nice, clean hostel right outside of Manhattan. Convenient to get to Brooklyn too.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

This was one of the worst experiences in a hostel. My two friends flights were delayed and couldn't get there until the next day. They charged my for both of them for one night. In addition, it was impossible to sleep. There were people banging up concrete from 7 to 10 am every morning including the weekend. Not only was it loud but it was unbearably hot, and opening the window meant light poured into your room. The only good thing was a bar downstairs to meet english speakers while in Rome.

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Dear Ms. Cook, Thank you for writing a review. We value your suggestions in order to improve our service. Our policy states that we charge the first night on the credit card of the person that reserved the room even when the customer doesn show up. It is our way to protect our reservation system. You will find the same policy in most hotels. Next time let us know if there are problems with our service. We could have moved you to a room with air conditioning so that the noise and the heat would have not been a problem, Thank you for staying with us!