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AAE Clarion Universal

Orlando, USA

It's much more like a motel. There's almost no convivence between the guests. It's located at Kissimmee and it's not a easy job to get to Orlando by bus. My dorm had a guest which is there for a couple of years. So, he feels like the owner of the place and treated me like an intruder or something like this. Staff is not very friendly. So, do not expect to get some tips or directions. The sleeping mattress is too old and not very comfortable.


Poor location: Kissimmee . So far away from attractions and International Dr. There is a permanent guest living there. For 2 or 3 years I think. He's (or wanna be) the owner of the bedroom. The staff wasn't very friendly when I asked for some directions. Just said "do you wanna talk about the hostel? because I only know about the hostel..." . I think that you could stay in a better place with a few more bucks. That's my opinion. This is much more like a motel with multiple beds. Bad mattres

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This guest was a little confused if he was staying or going. His English was choppy so their was a language barrier. Seems like he was a little homesick since it was his first time exploring outside his country. I think he was a little confused with another hostel when he wrote his comments because I remember this traveler and I never asked these questions. -- Management


O hostel tem pontos bem fortes: *segurança: sistema de câmeras internas, entrada controlada e um bom esquema no portão de saída. *localização: fica em Boa Viagem perto do barzinho mais bacana da região, o Entre Amigos. o bairro é bem residencial e a rua não tem muito movimento de carros. *limpeza: local sempre limpo e arrumado, com excelente organização *pessoal: pessoas agradáveis e de bom trato com todos *ambiente: tranquilo e familiar, pois os donos moram no andar térreo. É isso, re