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Punto Verde Ecological hostel

Montanita, Ecuador

Was not a place I could really stay in much less enjoy, but Joos the owner was wonderful person.

La Serrana

Salento, Colombia

The water was down on the day of my arrival, really!!! How good is this for a hostel? As well, the wifi is often hung up and you can't make travel plans so this needs to be resolved to travellers' satisfaction and/or more routers used and a faster speed introduced for clients. They really ought to consider providing free transportation on arrival to the hostel. Hostelworld should ensure that companies that are flagged for pushing their wifi when it doesn't work are criticized accordingly.

The Adventure Brew B&B

La Paz, Bolivia

In this day and age, we must/must be able to have in-room wifi access. We are now travelling with the helpful use of the internet to make arrangements and booking flights, etc. WE NEED/NEED to be provided solid, fast internet everywhere in hostels. Anything short of this should be dropped from Hostelworld. I would never/NEVER stay in such hostals again!!! We also need to have more secure lock boxes for our valuables in room.

Arthy's Guesthouse

La Paz, Bolivia

While the overall accommodation is worthwhile, there are shortfalls like the rooms being cold and the common areas also not being heated during critical parts of the day such as mornings for breakfast and evenings for chilling. As well, and perhaps more importantly, the wifi is horrendous. As travellers these days live and die by the internet and its use for all sorts of travel arrangements, hostals cannot afford to have ineffective or shoddy wifi. Obviously, more modems are NEEDED!!!


A very nice view from the hostel Samay Wasi! Great service and great help too from Judith. She will fix any problem for you if it is at all fixable.

The Clarence Park

Toronto, Canada

You simply "CAN'T BEAT THE PARK'S LOCATION" if Toronto is what you want to spend time seeing/doing; close to everything, including theatre, sports, dining out, bars, the ROM, AGO and much more. Prices were a little steep, however, the place was always booked up, with guests from all over, mostly Aussies and many from the UK who were looking for more than a short stay at the Park. I'd recommend the Park and I will stay there again

Sabrina's Home

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The host is wonderful and will do everything you need, however, this is clearly a 'home stay' and nothing like a hostel stay. Facilities of hostels are lacking here for sure but it is more like a home than any hostel in S. Asia. Stay here if you want good care. Location is some distance from the downtown and buses take too long especially in the heat. Extras from this place come at a slightly heavy cost so watch for this pinch. All said, I enjoyed my time here.

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This reviewed recalls us, when he checked in, I immediately lent the backpacker's holly book "lonely planet" when I found he did not do any homework about Bangladesh and had not make any plan about where to go and see. Only thing he is aware is that: Banani (our location)is the 2nd flourishing area in Dhaka. By the end of 3rd days He extended his staying for another 3 nights. He booked 4 nights single-tent on line, we gave free upgrade to best whole wood single bed for him as we just get the empty space. We keep the AC on in the bedroom all the time if he is at home. It is great idea to introduce him to clean and economic local restaurant (Star Kebab) within walking distance after we knew he original from India. He just loves the food there and went there for lunch and dinner for 7 days. He always drank 3 tins beer (Heineken 330ml) per day, so Tk900 per day. Even he told us it is cheaper than what he got from Canada. But one day when he saw his signatures for last 4 days beer he cannot believe he already drank so much (12tins), then he laughed and told me he will order more for his extension staying period. (Tips for beer: Please notice: Beer is rare and relatively costly in Bangladesh as Muslim Country. About TK300 in few places (Even some places need annual expensive membership, but the price of beer will be about TK1000 if you take from 5 star hotel). He proposed to keep bag in Sitting room at last day and he can sit to watch TV from 12pm to 6pm, but as he is aged person we specially offered to him free late check- out by 6pm for that others have to pay for half day room rate. We had good time also he taught me how to listen the Radio on CBC(Canadian Broadcast Corp.) and how to keep it with the bookmark in order to easily find it. He told me few times he will come back to us during winter season next time. We are looking forward to seeing him again. Few Basic Knowledge about us and Bangladesh: (1)."Home Stay": Sabrina's Home is 100% home stay which you can understand from the name. And also we mention in the introduction of any booking web-pages. (2). "Make your money more valued": We are the only one place in Dhaka to equip Mosquito net for Doors, Windows and Beds. We worried the safety of our guests, if one long staying guest did not come back as usual for dinner after dark also did not notice us in advance. We start worried and call and SMS guests to ask. We always try to provide to our guests have to eat one green apple imported from South Africa (one piece per day per person) to keep them better welfare. We also invite our guests participate different events in Wildlife Trust Bangladesh, International Church, or University cultural program etc. if they are interested and have time. Actually the care and love to our guests is our most attractive place. The ultimate end of us is showing our saluting to God through our love to our guests. We are perusing happy life by Human and Society welfare orientation. We always keep the highest Benefit/Cost ratio for our rate. As price of one room in 5 star hotel is USD220-460/night, few modern guesthouse in same area is USD120-220/night. Our price is only USD50-60/night. Also we have 5-Pax AC dorm Single tent is USD25, Single bed is USD28 for Backpackers We offer free airport pickup, free WiFi and free breakfast for all guests at this season. All our price is transparent and fixed for global market, same price policy equal for anyone. Special offer for Long-staying guests also fixed according with different stay duration. All Pictures we show on website are really picture of our home stay. The details of facilities are listed on the webpage. And all Service Rate and Notice sent to guest before their arrival. (3). Facilities: Free airport pickup and free breakfast as well as we have almost all basic facilities for a safe and sweet home: AC, Wifi, fan, hot water shower, 97 International TV Channels, Even free purified drinking, Free tea and coffee, 24 hours Security guards, Iron fence(whole-sealed) protect from windows, balcony and yard wall. Mosquito net for all beds, windows and doors. Lift and Generator available inside the building, very unique authentic Chinese food cooked by the host which you cannot find from any local Chinese restaurants even you pay much more. (4). Location: We are located in the heart of modern Dhaka: Banani, where everyone knows this is the 2nd most flourishing place in Dhaka("Richman Area"called by local person). There were only paddy fields 20 years ago, but now almost all UN, Embassies foreigners stay in this area since here is much safer for person or belongings and much clean in food and drinking water and relative less congestion and more quite than old Dhaka. (5). Distance to old Dhaka for sightseeing: Actually from Banani to furthest old Dhaka(Sadar Ghat river side), it is only 38 minutes (17.2km by car)without traffic jam. Bangladesh is the country that is the most density nation in the world: 915 population/ so there is traffic jam everywhere except Friday and Saturday. There is shoulder rubbing even somewhere in the street in old Dhaka. A scholar told the existing generation in Bangladesh is space -less (no space) generation. Thanks for the reviews and we got a good chance to introduce ourselves more and do better in the future. Blessings with love, The Host 07 July 2012

Shangrila Boutique Hotel

Kathmandu, Nepal

Not worth staying here unless you are in a pinch and need to save some money! Move on to greener pastures!! Not that the whole place wasn't clean but you cannot really feel comfortable with their amenities, like no plugs for charging your iPhone, dirty filthy washrooms, no fans in room, no meal facilities. And they want to be called a KAT hostel. It is really a just bed to lay your head.

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Unfortunately we didn't have by the time your specific iPhone plug but we tried our best to find you a solution. The rooms are equipped with ceiling fans and it is working fine and the toilets are cleaned every day. Hope you review your rating.

Dragon Hostel Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Location is only real selling point for staying at the Dragon Hostel as you are steps away from most things and the metro and bus A21 to the airport and close to ferries. The place lacks any character as hostel living goes. You get a room and some helpful and friendly staff pretty much ready to do whatever they can to assist you in your travels. I'd stay here again but noting these caveats up front.

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Staff were very, very good and provided much needed assistance, particularly when I needed to catch a taxi. Girls flagged one down on the street and told me how much to pay. This is what you want from hostels, that and there help to overcome the language. Thanks to everyone at Wada! I'll be back again!


Unfortunately, while most aspects of my stay was good, I "felt nickel and dimed", food bad, beer expensive and I learned to buy next door where beer was always cold and cheap. Tour arrangements could be made but you could not be provided guarantees that they would get the train ticket to Xi`an that they promise. Makes planning quite difficult. However, on average I would recommend this hostel, but am sure you could do better if you search inside the wall.

Hostel Positano

Rome, Italy

Price is just a tad heavy for backpackers of course, and has no breakfast or other food options, but for travellers, it is not too bad. You need money to stay here in Rome.