Reviews: koledok

Location: Turkey, Gender: Male, Age: 26

it's not near famous beaches like copacabana,ipanema. I just stayed one night but there was a guy making many problems to me. He didn't accept my credit card and I almost stayed outside during the night because of this guy. In the morning there was another guy accepting my credit card. Totally weird.

El Misti House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I changed three hostels in Rio and this hostel was the best one among them. Stuff are really friendly and helpful. They have welcome drink Cacha├ža and everyday they have cheap and quality drinks. Everyday there are many people hanging out together. The place has a warm environment. I highly recommend this hostel. Thank you again!

Hostel Rio Ritz

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

well the biggest problem in the hostel is that there is no any socket in rooms. Charging phone is important for travelers but they don't have. Also bathroom is really bad, one toilet door is broken so you have to wait for another one. Except those, stuff is really nice. Location is near to Copacabana beach which is really good.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

staff was very helpful to me. Thank you!

Beli grad

Belgrade, Serbia

This was the second time in beli grad hostel. I met awesome friends there! Owner of the hostel is very funny and very helpful. Excellent atmosphere! I will definitely choose this hostel again.


there was noone who could smile, there wasn't any internet so I couldn't communicate with my friends easily. There was one computer but it didn't include my reservation. I really didn't like this place. But for sure travelers were as always perfect.

West Coast Hostel

Las Vegas, USA

When I arrived in West Coast Hostel they didn't even know the I was surprised. the guy in the office called someone to ask what is.everything was o.k except this story. Anyway, In my room there were 3 french people and I met them. We started to travel together that was really great! and when I left Las Vegas, They took me to the airport. That was very kind and friendly. The hostel locates on the Strip which is the most famous street in Las Vegas. Thank you