Reviews: Anonymous

Casa 579

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

pretty guesthouse on top of a hill close to the old St. Teresa neighborhood, runned by ethical passionated people. Great choice to discover Rio from a real point of view far away from the stereotypes but still soaked in the real carioca mood and soul. Would like to thank the crew for their kindness! don't miss this stay!

Bilbao Central Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

Great new hostel opened about 3 months ago pretty close to the main train station, with good facilities and a fency style! the staff was funny and helpful, available 24h a day! So...what more can ou expect from a hostel!? made my second stay in Bilbao great! ESKERRIK ASKO! AGUR!

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

staff as it was meant to be!

Jetpak Alternative

Berlin, Germany

well...this is not a party hostel as they say, but remember you have to work hard to find connections to transports and to clubs and venues, Berlin is huge and the streets are very long so if you're looking for a strategic point better look other! is in the middle of a residential area, but remember it's kreuzberg, and attitude counts! I reccomend it for those who wants to know something more about kreuzberg.