Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 58

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Nice hostel in a good location, though a number of the rooms don't have windows. The place was busy at the weekend but after Sunday it was dead.

Hostal El Triunfo

Cusco, Peru

Well locates place with good rooms and breakfasts. More a hotel with access through an art gallery. Staff very helpful.

Hostal El Grial

Cusco, Peru

Friendly staff but other guests kept themselves to themselves. Comfortable rooms & reasonable breakfast Nice location above the town


Nice hotel close to the centre of the town. The town of Puno has a limited offering to traveller but the hotel is helpful and comfortable.

Mercaderes Backpackers

Arequipa, Peru

Great place and very helpful staff. Some of the rooms have no windows but the roof top is frantastic with great views

Red Emperor Bar&Hostel

Tallinn, Estonia

Great place, clean, warm and secure. The staff are excellent very welcoming and deal with problems promptly. Decor is interesting and the view from the balcony window is great with a beer

Orchid Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

The staff and I mean all of them were awesome, they were so polite and helpful. The addressed us by our names from when we arrived and were so friendly. We stayed for two nights to see the city etc after checking out we left our bags there and when we came back later in the day we were given drinks and an opportunity to shower. A great place to stay Dave & Moira

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Really nice place, very handy for the mainmuseums and the tram. The place is as good as a hotel - we would stay again

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

Great place and a good location, it was quiet whilst we were there but very friendly


A wonderfull typical japanees properity that iis over 100yrs old. The Japanees owner and his wife are young and speak very good english. Excellent location close to town

Okinawa Resort

Okinawa Zamami, Japan

Excellent location and very helpfull owner