Reviews: Anonymous

Babelfish Hostel W├╝rzburg

Wurzburg, Germany

As one of the only hostels in town, this place gets the job done. It's clean, secure, and has decent atmosphere. The common areas are nice; the outdoor seating is where it's at if the weather is cooperative. I did feel like they nickel and dimed me. Towel rental was 2 euros, which was the most expensive of anywhere I stayed and the breakfast was overpriced. Overall though, there was nothing about the place that I felt significantly negative about.

Adam&Eva Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

This hostel feels more like you're sharing a large flat with a bunch of other people. There is a nice common area on each floor, but a more central common area doesn't really exist. As a solo traveler, this made meeting other travelers a bit more difficult. The staff is also largely inaccessible. But, if neither of these things are a worry, this place a fantastic. It's clean, it's attractive, and the location is quite good.

The Loft Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

This is a small hostel that focuses on creating a comfortable environment where everyone can get to know each other. I never felt lonely and was grateful for that. I did notice that the comfort level generated caused people to treat the dorms a little too much like home. I often found the door to my room hanging open, or other individuals sitting on my bed when I walked in. Security wasn't too much of an issue because they provide free lockers for valuables. They also need a new refrigerator.

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Hands down my favorite hostel in Europe. The staff here were the kindest of any that I met; I was sad to leave the people and the place. Greg and Tom's was also the best value. They serve free breakfast and dinner, which is not only convenient and money saving, but it's a great opportunity to meet the other guests. They were even known to hand out free vodka shots from time to time. The building has nice spots to be alone or to congregate with others. Everything top notch. Highly recommend.

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place definitely caters to a younger crowd interested in not remembering their trip to Amsterdam. The common areas are nice but the dorm room that I stayed in smelled heavily of mold and the bathroom was tiny and didn't feel clean. The location is a short walk to the train station and definitely in the middle of everything. But overall it just wasn't my style. I prefer smaller hostels and this place is massive.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of my favorite hostels. Helpful staff and cozy accommodations. Joop the kitty is also quite lovable. They rent cheap bikes here, their common area is very comfortable, and they have an honor system-based drink fridge. It's expensive, and it's not in the center of town, but everything in Amsterdam is expensive, and being slightly away from the bustling downtown was a huge pro for me. Getting into town is a short walk or an even shorter bike ride. I wouldn't even bother with public transport.

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place was the most immaculate of any hostel I stayed at. In terms of amenities, it feels more like a high end hotel. The beds are comfy, the shower, toilet, and sink are all separate, and each bed has its own electrical outlet. They also provide free towels. It was the cheapest hostel that I stayed at in Amsterdam, but the location requires a train or bus ride into town, and the cost of this adds up quickly.

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

I had a positive experience in the female dorm that I stayed in, but I could see how this place might get annoying very quickly in the mixed dorms, never mind the massive 40 bed dorm. This place is directly across the street from the train station, which is nice. There was an annoying mix up in which I paid for an additional night and then had a male staff member entering the room in the morning (without a knock on the door) asking me for proof of payment because I wasn't in the system.


Meininger is consistent. It was one of my first hostels in Europe and I enjoyed my stay there. It's huge, as most of them are. Their downstairs bar is a good place to meet people in the evenings, and there's plenty of other space to chill out as well. It's a bit further from the train station than a few of the other hostels, but I'd say it's worth the short walk. The staff was professional and friendly and the rooms were clean and comfortable.


Regensburg, Germany

Abotel was comfortable, quiet, and I had the entire dorm room to myself. Even still, I really would have preferred lockers in the room. This is not a place to meet other travelers, and it's also quite a hike into town. The staff also didn't speak much English. If you're just passing through and need a place to rest your head, then Abotel is more than adequate.